Retirement Capabilities

Paychecks will now show updated naming conventions for your retirement contribution line items. For more information, click here

TIAA provides flexibility when making contributions to your retirement account at TIAA:

  • Online enrollment and salary deferral. You can enroll in the retirement plans or change your contribution amount by accessing your TIAA account at, then select Access Your TIAA Account from the options listed on the right. Once you provide your Tulane user ID and password, you will be logged into your account. Once logged in to your TIAA account, select Manage Contributions under the Actions menu, then choose Manage My Contributions.
  • Maximize your contribution. You can elect to contribute the maximum amount allowed under the annual IRS limits. Log in to your account and select Manage Contributions under the Actions menu, then choose Manage My Contributions. When you elect the maximum amount option, your contributions will automatically stop when your reach the IRS maximum contribution limit and also automatically resume your contributions the following year.
  • Self-directed auto increase. Set up self-directed automatic increase to help build your savings faster. Log in to your account and select Change Your Contributions under the Actions menu. You can choose when you would like to automatically increase your contributions, the rate of the increase (%), and when you would like to start and stop the automatic increase.

Help when you need it. 

A TIAA financial consultant can help you consider how to save more for retirement. You can call TIAA at 800-732-8353, weekdays, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (CT), and schedule a session to:

  • Understand all your investment options
  • Determine how much to save
  • Make informed choices and monitor your progress

This service is available as part of your retirement program at no added cost.

What new and enhanced services will be offered with TIAA?

Help finding relief from student loan debt. TIAA has joined forces with Savi, a social impact technology company, to offer eligible Tulane employees the opportunity to take advantage of loan forgiveness programs and determine optimal repayment plans. 

Access Your TIAA Account

To log into your account at TIAA, click here and enter your Tulane user ID and password.  

To help simplify the management of your account, you can go to the same place to start or make changes to your contribution, as well as your investment options.  

Access Your TIAA Account