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MOST Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the MOST Frequently Asked Questions we have received this 2020 Open Enrollment period. 

With the move to Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Louisiana, will we have coverage outside the state of LA?

Yes.  While our partnership is with BCBS of Louisiana, our plan will be part of the Blue Card network which provides coverage in all 50 states.  On the Open Enrollment webpage there is a provider lookup link where you can check to see if your providers are in the BCBS network.  Of all the providers used by Tulane employees in 2018, more were ‘in-network’ with BCBS LA than were in-network with United Health Care.

I am currently in the midst of a course of treatment with my current providers.  How will that be handled with the switch to BCBS? (this can be either medical treatment or prescription drug treatment)

Employees and their families that are in the midst of treatment protocols, which may be impacted by the switch to BCBS,  will be contacted by BCBSLA directly. They will receive a letter mailed to their home address at the end of November. We encourage our employees to work with these transition specialists to ensure there are no interruptions in their needed medical care.

Do I need to do anything in the remainder of 2019 to receive my wellness incentive for 2020?

No. There are significant changes coming to the Wellness Incentive program for 2020.  First, beginning in January 2020, Tulane employees in all three medical plans will be able to earn wellness credits.  The maximum amounts to be earned have not changed: $500 for employee only, $1000 for employee and dependents.  The incentives will be earned, and awarded, in the same year.  All activities and awards will be managed through the Rally program associated with BCBSLA.  The two primary activities that will earn an employee the bulk of the wellness credits will still be a) getting an annual physical exam, and b) completing the Health Risk Assessment on the Rally webpage. The remaining credits can be earned by participating in various wellness activities. The final details will be provided prior to January 2020.

For any questions, please contact the Benefits Service Center toll free phone at 1-844-810-4364 or email or