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Career Band Characteristics and Progression

Operations Business Technical Professional Management
Performs operational, craft or manual tasks Performs clerical or administrative work Performs technical work, often in support of professional roles  Applies a professional knowledge-base to work to achieve goals through own work  Achieves goals through the work of others
Typically requires vocational training, apprenticeships or the equivalent experience Uses administrative, data organizing and coordination skills to complete work Requires vocational training or the equivalent experience  Characterized by specific functional expertise typically gained through formal education Management responsibilities include performance appraisals, pay reviews, training and development
Performs tasks according to established procedures Performs duties according to established procedures Performs duties according to established procedures May produce guidance to others as a project manager using technical expertise Job focus in on managing others and applying operational or strategic management skills
Disclaimer: Levels within each band build upon each other and incorporate lower level criteria

Note :

  • These characteristics are used to slot jobs by knowledge and skill required to perform the function
  • Helps to connect the framework to ensure consistency in internal equity
  • Lay foundation for career pathways