Promotion refers to advancing an employee's rank or position in a graded salary structure.  Managers should plan and discuss promotions during the budget cycle with senior leadership.

A promotion can be a result of:

  • An opening at a higher job level due to a vacancy
  • A department’s business need to create a job at a higher paygrade level
  • Movement to a higher career band level within a job family
  • Internal job postings

Examples of promotions within job families: 

  • Assistant Director to Associate Director
  • Accountant II to Accountant III
  • Nurse Manager II to Nurse Manager III
  • Web Developer I to Web Developer II
  • Veterinary Technician III to Veterinary Technician IV
  • Program Coordinator to Senior Program Coordinator

Promotional Salary Increases

Promotional increases will be determined by the following:

  • If current pay is below the minimum of the new pay grade, pay will be brought to the minimum of the new pay grade.
  • Employees at or above minimum may receive a promotional increase of up to 10%, contingent upon budgetary considerations, internal equity, etc.