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Stipends/One-Time Payments

A stipend/one-time payment is a non-recurring single payment (not applied to base pay) for specific services, events, or deliverables that are clearly outside the employee’s established job duties, including annual goals and objectives.

For Exempt employees, stipend/one-time payments may be given to recognize and/or to compensate for a special project or interim assignment.  Example:  The employee is an Assistant Director but receives a stipend (one-time payment) for teaching language classes.

For Non-Exempt employees, stipend/one-time payments may not be given to compensate for additional work performed outside of their regular assigned job.  If you would like to compensate a non-exempt employee for working additional hours, the employee should record those additional hours in the Kronos timekeeping system.  If you have questions regarding non-exempt employees receiving one-time payments, contact payroll or compensation before any action is taken.