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The Spring 2023 Tuition Waiver is NOW OPEN!

This program includes Tulane's Tuition Waiver for both employees and their dependents, the Extended Tuition Waiver, and the Tuition Waiver Tax Exemption for graduate students. To learn more, visit the Tuition Waiver Program site: hr.tulane.edu/benefits/tuition-waiver

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

The University has adopted a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy. The purpose of this policy is to promote important public health measures and facilitate the health and safety of the Tulane community and those within the broader New Orleans community. This vaccination requirement is critical part of the University’s overall plan to mitigate the effects of COVID-19. Vaccinated individuals must continue to comply with other applicable University rules regarding COVID-19. 

Booster (Strongly Encouraged)*

Booster vaccines have emerged as the best defense against new COVID variants. All faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to receive a booster vaccine once they become eligible.

  • To read the latest guidance from the CDC on staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccines, including boosters, click here.  

  • Not sure if you’re eligible for a booster? The CDC link above provides a helpful tool under the “When Are You Up to Date” Section to help you determine your current eligibility. 

*Tulane retains the discretion to impose additional vaccination requirements, for reasons of health and safety, such as, for example, in research settings at the Tulane National Primate Research Center, where employees may have exposure to non-human primates. If employees have questions about specific requirements, please consult your HR Business Partner or manager. 

Who Is Covered?

All employees, approved volunteers, emeritus faculty, and visiting faculty who physically access a university facility or participate in a university-sponsored program or on-campus activity are covered by this policy. Access is not defined by reference to any frequency such as daily, weekly, ad hoc, etc.  

How Do I Comply?

All persons covered by this policy were expected to comply by November 15, 2021, unless granted a medical or religious exemption. All persons hired by the University after September 24, 2021, are required to show proof of vaccination prior to their start date unless granted a medical or religious exemption. Boosters are strongly encouraged.* All persons will be provided information on how to apply for a medical or religious exception prior to their first day of work and will not be permitted to come to campus until a determination has been made with respect to the exemption request.  Please refer to the latest guidance by the CDC and latest recommendations for vaccines and boosters.  

All persons covered by this policy must provide proof of vaccination by uploading a copy of their official CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to the Campus Health Patient Portal. 

When And Where Should I Receive Vaccination(s)?

Information on local vaccine providers is available at campushealth.tulane.edu. You are not required to receive a vaccination at these locations and may choose a vaccine provider of your preference. 

Employees will be paid for time off to receive the COVID-19 vaccination and for time to recover from ill effects if any. Employees are to work with their supervisor to schedule an appropriate time to comply with this policy. 

Can I Be Exempt From This Policy?

An exemption for medical or religious reasons may be granted. Persons requesting a medical or religious exemption must make their request by submitting the COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Form and or the COVID-19 Vaccination Religious Exemption Form. Requests will be reviewed by Human Resources and/or the Office of Campus Accessibility and may involve an interactive process to discuss the request if questions arise during the review process. An approved medical or religious exemption does not automatically allow a person to work remotely.  

Managers will be notified of employees that have been granted an exemption. No confidential information or the type of exemption that was granted should be shared.  

All requests for exemption and related documentation will be maintained by Human Resources and approval decisions are typically processed within three business days after submission. An exemption request is pending until notice of approval or denial is submitted by Tulane. 

To apply for a medical exemption, complete the form found here and submit to ADAAccess@tulane.edu. To apply for a religious exemption, complete the form found here and submit to EmployeeRelations@tulane.edu.

What Are The Consequences For Not Complying?

Employee failure to comply with this policy, including violations of requirements for those that have been granted an exemption, may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination consistent with the terms of the Faculty and Staff Handbooks.  


The University prohibits any form of retaliation for requesting or receiving an exemption under this policy or for reporting a possible violation of this policy or any other health or safety concern. 

Policy Modification

Government and public health guidance regarding COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines are changing as new information becomes available. The University reserves the right to modify this policy at any time in its sole discretion to adapt to changing circumstances and business needs, consistent with its commitment to promoting the health and safety of the Tulane community. 

How Can I Apply For Exemption?

To apply for a medical exemption, complete the form found here and submit to ADAAccess@tulane.edu

To apply for a religious exemption, complete the form found here and submit to EmployeeRelations@tulane.edu

An exemption request is pending until notice of approval or denial is submitted by Tulane.