Employee Intermittent FMLA Tracking Responsibilities

Once approved for intermittent FMLA, you are required to state “FMLA-related” when calling in due to an unplanned FMLA-related absence. 

It is required that you submit an "Intermittent FMLA Tracking Form" (see below) to the Timekeeper within each payroll period reflecting all FMLA-related hours used and when attesting to the usage of zero FMLA.

The Timekeeper must receive the tracker promptly upon request to proceed with processing your timecard. If the tracker is not signed and dated by both you and your supervisor it should not be accepted by the Timekeeper.

Intermittent FMLA Tracker-Employee Form

Intermittent FMLA Tracker-Caregiver Form

Intermittent FMLA Tracking Guide

Frequently asked questions:

How long is my Intermittent Leave approved for?

An intermittent leave can be in effect for one year from the date of approval. However, there are several reasons why an intermittent leave can end in advance of one year:

  • You do not have any FMLA hours available within the rolling 12-month leave period. 
  • The patient no longer needs care by a medical professional (you must notify the Leave Coordination promptly).
  • Your doctor stipulated a shorter timeframe for your recovery period or treatment. 

Can I just keep my intermittent leave in place just in case although I no longer need it right now?

No, the leave must end whenever the patient no longer requires care by a medical professional and you must notify the Leave Coordinator promptly (see above).

Do I have to give my supervisor a schedule or advance notice of my planned Absences?

You may be required to provide a list of appointments in advance and must always make a reasonable effort to schedule appointments to not unduly disrupt the operations of your department. Even so, your medical information is confidential and you are not required to disclose your medical condition.

Will I receive notice of when my intermittent leave is due end? 

No, it is your responsibility to keep up with when your leave is due to end and request to re-apply at least 30 days in advance or when practical.

What happens if I do not submit the tracker to the Timekeeper?

Your leave can be out of compliance and the absence may not be protected.

Why must I submit a tracker when I have not used any FMLA hours?

The process requires that you submit a signed tracker within every pay period. Therefore, you must submit a tracker to attest to the usage of zero FMLA hours.