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Professional Career Band Progression


  P1 P2 P3 P4 P5
Job Functional Knowledge Requires conceptual knowledge of theories, practices and procedures within a job discipline Requires expanded conceptual knowledge in own job discipline and broadens capabilities Requires in-depth conceptual and practical knowledge in own job discipline and basic knowledge of related job disciplines Requires specialized depth and/or breadth of expertise in own job discipline or field

Regarded as the technical expert in their job discipline within the University.

Requires in-depth and/or breadth of expertise in own job discipline and broad knowledge of other job disciplines within the division

Business Expertise Applies general knowledge of the University’s business developed through education or past experience Understands key business drivers for the Division; uses this understanding to accomplish own work Has knowledge of best practices and how own unit integrates with others; is aware of the competition and the factors that differentiate them in the market Interprets internal/external business challenges for the segment and recommends best practices to improve processes or services Anticipates business and regulatory issues impacting the University; recommends process or service improvements
Leadership Accountable for own contributions Provides informal guidance to new team members Acts as a resource for colleagues with less experience; may lead small projects with manageable risks and resource requirements May lead divisional teams or projects with moderate resource requirements, risk, and/or complexity Leads projects with notable risk and complexity; develops the strategy for project execution
Problem Solving Uses existing procedures to solve standard problems; analyzes information and standard practices to make judgments Solves problems in straightforward situations; analyzes possible solutions using technical experience and judgment and precedents Solves complex problems; takes a new perspective on existing solutions; exercises judgment based on the analysis of multiple sources of information Leads others to solve complex problems; uses sophisticated analytical thought to exercise judgement and identify innovative solutions Proactively identifies and solves unique problems with broad impact on the University; requires conceptual and innovative thinking to develop solutions
Impact Has limited impact on own team; works within standardized procedures and practices to achieve objectives and meet deadlines Impacts quality of own work and the work of others on the team; works within guidelines and policies Impacts a range of customer, operational, project or service activities within own team and other related teams; works within broad guidelines and policies Impacts the achievement of customer, operational, project or service objectives; work is guided by divisional policies Impacts the direction and resource allocation for program, project or services; works within general divisional policies and industry guidelines
Interpersonal Skills Exchanges straightforward information, asks questions and checks for understanding Explains complex information to others in straightforward situations Explains difficult or sensitive information; works to build consensus Communicates difficult concepts and negotiates with others to adopt a different point of view Communicates complex ideas, anticipates potential objections and persuades others, often at senior levels, to adopt a different point of view
Disclaimer: Levels within each band build upon each other and incorporate lower level criteria
Current State:
  • Program Manager
  • Senior Program Manager


Future State:
  • Program Manager I
  • Program Manager II
  • Program Manager III
  • Sr. Program Manager I
  • Sr. Program Manager II