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Technical Career Band Progression


  T1 T2 T3 T4
Job Functional Knowledge

Requires basic technical skills in analytical/scientific methods or operational processes to perform routine and straightforward activities

Requires broadened technical skills in analytical/ scientific methods or operational processes to perform a defined array of activities Requires full proficiency in a range of technical processes and procedures through job- related training and considerable on-the-job experience to perform a range of work assignments Requires specialized technical expertise within an analytical/scientific method or operational process to perform a broad range of complex work assignments
Business Expertise Understands how the assigned duties relate to others in the team and how the team integrates with others Understands how the team integrates with others to accomplish the team objectives Understands how own and related teams coordinate their efforts and resources to achieve objectives Understands how own and related teams efforts impact broader University objectives

Has no supervisory responsibilities 

Has no supervisory responsibilities; manages own workload May act as an informal resource for team members with less experience May act as a team lead, providing subject matter guidance to more junior team members
Problem Solving Addresses defined and straightforward problems using existing standard operating procedures or analytical/scientific methods Recognizes and solves typical problems that can occur in own work area by evaluating and selecting solutions from established operating procedures and/or analytical/scientific methods Provides solutions to problems in situations that are atypical or occur infrequently based on existing precedents or procedures Gathers and analyzes data to identify and solve complex problems that arise with little or no precedent
Impact Impacts the quality of own work Impacts the quality of own work and team Impacts the team’s results through the quality and effectiveness of own work Impacts the effectiveness of own team and closely related teams
Interpersonal Skills Communicates basic technical information with team members Communicates moderately complex technical information within the team Explains complex technical information including interdependencies within the team and others Exchanges advanced technical information and ideas effectively; uses tact and diplomacy when dealing with own and other teams

Disclaimer: Levels within each band build upon each other and incorporate lower level criteria


Current State:
  • Electrician


Future State:
  • Electrician I
  • Electrician II
  • Electrician III