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Temporary Emergency COVID-19 Paid Leave Program

April 21, 2020 5:15 PM

Tulane will provide up to 80 hours of emergency paid leave for COVID-19 related circumstances who are unable to work remotely, including caring for children that are at home due to school closures. Below we provide answers to your most frequently asked questions. Detailed guidelines can be found here. Please reach out to your HR business partner if you have further questions. 

For what purpose can employees use COVID-19 leave?

Eligible employees may use COVID-19 leave for:

  • Self-quarantine, isolation or family care needs related to COVID-19 exposure/illness or other related scenarios,
  • Caring for children that are at home due to the K-12 school or daycare closures. Note: this is primarily intended for employees that are unable to work remotely although COVID-19 leave may be used to offset the hours remote workers are reasonably unable to work due to childcare issues such as inability to work a full adjusted schedule,
  • An employee is unable to work all of the hours in a work day due to a reduced schedule as a result of staggering shifts put in place to maintain social distancing.
  • Other reasonably related COVID-19 cirucumstances (as determined in Tulane's discretion)

This special type of leave is neither sick nor vacation. Any unused COVID-19 leave will not accrue or be paid upon separation. 

Is COVID-19 leave available to me if I am able to work remotely, but my children are home because of school/day care closures?

When the schools/day cares closed, leadership recognized the potential hardship created for many employees. We have employees with functions that require them to physically report to work for Tulane’s essential work to continue. These workers could not leave their children without supervision, thus one of the reasons for the COVID-19 leave was to provide temporary pay continuance for those unable to work remotely due to childcare issues. If an employee’s role allows them to work remotely, and they are also caring for children, we are recommending for leaders to work with employees to adjust schedules to the extent possible. This will allow for the supervision of children and further pay continuance without the use of COVID-19 leave so that it may be available should an illness occur. Should reasonable circumstances beyond the employee’s control cause hardship due to work demands and childcare, we are recommending consultation with your leader and/or HR business partner to discuss options, which may include the use of COVID-19 leave.

How do I request use of COVID-19 leave and how do I report it on my timesheet?

Employees must request COVID-19 leave through their Supervisors. Employees are not responsible for entering COVID-19 leave in Kronos. Supervisors must notify the timekeeper of the date the employee began COVID-19 leave. The timekeeper will enter the time in Kronos as COVID-19PL. Sick and vacation time not related to the coronavirus should be entered as normal in Kronos.

Are employees required to use sick or vacation leave if they are directed to stay home by a healthcare provider or government health agency due to COVID-19?

When possible, departments are encouraged to allow employees to work remotely if they are directed to stay home from work by a healthcare provider or government health agency due to COVID-19. For eligible employees who are unable to work remotely and are directed to stay home by a healthcare provider or government agency due to COVID-19, COVID-19 leave may be used first before other forms of leave (e.g. sick or vacation) are used.

What happens when I have exhausted COVID-19 leave?

When COVID-19 leave is exhausted, staff may use sick time. If sick time is exhausted, staff may use vacation time.

Supervisors may reach out to your HR business partner for further guidance if COVID-19 leave, sick time, and vacation time is exhausted.

Can I keep the COVID-19 leave if I do not use it during the COVID-19 outbreak?

No. Any unused COVID-19 leave will not accrue nor be paid upon separation of employment. COVID-19 leave may only be used for COVID-19 related circumstances. The purpose of the temporary emergency leave is to give employees the most flexibility during this fluid situation. These policies are subject to change.