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The Spring 2023 Tuition Waiver is NOW OPEN!

This program includes Tulane's Tuition Waiver for both employees and their dependents, the Extended Tuition Waiver, and the Tuition Waiver Tax Exemption for graduate students. To learn more, visit the Tuition Waiver Program site: hr.tulane.edu/benefits/tuition-waiver

COVID-19 Employee FAQs

Latest Review: January 2021 


How can I stay current about university operations as it relates to COVID-19

For the most updated information about university operations, please visit Tulane Stronger TUGether

Additionally, major announcements and updates will be sent to your Tulane email. You can also follow @Tulane on Twitter.

What should I do if I am sick or I think I have been exposed to COVID-19?

Please review the latest information on Testing & Tracing provided on the Tulane Stronger TUgether site to determine the best course of action. 

Temporary Emergency COVID-19 Paid Leave Program

Tulane will provide up to 80 hours of emergency paid leave for COVID-19 related circumstances. This applies for full-time benefits-eligible employees and pro-rated hours for part-time benefits-eligible employees who are unable to work because of quarantine, isolation, or family care needs related to COVID-19 exposure, illness, or other related scenarios. This includes caring for children that are at home due to school closures. Detailed guidelines and frequently asked questions are found at the Temporary Emergency COVID-19 Paid Leave Program.

Can I ask a colleague if they've been vaccinated?

It is not appropriate to ask coworkers whether or not they have been vaccinated. Supervisors should consult with their HR Business Partner to address individual concerns regarding the vaccination status of staff members. Shaming or bullying regarding vaccination status will not be tolerated.



COVID-19 Vaccination & Boosters

For the most up-to-date information on vaccinations and booster vaccines, please visit: tulane.edu/covid-19/vaccine.

Does the university offer vaccination to faculty, staff, and students?

Yes, the university will offer free vaccinations as a service to faculty, staff, and students. For more information on how to make an appointment at one of Tulane's vaccination clinics, please visit the Stronger TUgether Vaccination page. 

Will Tulane pay for related expenses should we get sick from the vaccine?

If you work for Tulane and are covered under a Tulane insurance program, those expenses will be paid under your insurance plan.

What COVID-19 vaccines may be used to fulfill the university’s vaccination requirement?

Employees are required to receive a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by the FDA. Currently, there are three such vaccines and information about them is available on the FDA website.

How will the university use information I submit regarding my proof of vaccination?

This information may be used to determine your COVID-19 vaccination status and your suitability for certain university activities and for reporting and operational planning purposes. The university will store this information in accordance with its information security policy and will restrict access to a limited number of authorized personnel. In addition, Campus Health and other authorized personnel may use relevant portions of this information to ensure compliance with COVID-19 policies Tulane University has put in place to protect the health and safety of the campus community.

How will the university use information I submit regarding my proof of vaccination?

If you've been vaccinated, you must continue to follow university protocols on mask-wearing, physical distancing and regular participation in the asymptomatic testing protocol. The only difference is that you may not need to quarantine if you were exposed to a positive case or recently traveled. If you have completed the full vaccine sequence from an entity outside of Tulane, please update your vaccination records through the Campus Health Patient Portal. If you have been vaccinated at the Tulane Vaccine Clinic, your record will be updated automatically.


Testing & Tracing

For the most up-to-date information on testing and tracing, please visit: tulane.edu/covid-19/testing-tracing.

Will faculty and staff still need to participate in the asymptomatic testing program?

Yes. All faculty, staff, and students are required to participate in ongoing surveillance testing. Please visit the Stronger TUgether Testing and Tracing site for the latest updates.

Am I required to report exposures or positive test results?

Yes, you are required to report exposures or positive test results immediately to CHTestResults@tulane.edu. If you tested positive outside of the Tulane Testing Program, you must also submit the COVID-19 Reporting Form. Tulane Contract Tracers make all decisions on quarantine and isolation dates.


Managers, Supervisors and Timekeepers

What if I need guidance on an HR or employee matter?

If you ever need assistance or are in doubt about an employee issue consult your HR business partner.

What should I do if an employee does not follow the university’s established protocols during COVID-19 such as the mask protocol?

All employees are expected to comply with the university’s health strategies including wearing face coverings when deemed necessary by the university. Supervisors should communicate regularly with their employees about these protocols as they will go a long way to keep our environment safe. Failure to adhere to these protocols places our community at risk and may be subject to disciplinary action. 

Managers play a critical role in ensuring the safety of their employees, as well as the general Tulane community, by taking the appropriate steps to address non-compliance situations whether you observe the behavior and/or it may be reported to you. It is important that you respond quickly and appropriately to those situations. 

Please review the Manager’s Guide for Addressing Non-Compliance During COVID-19 for more information.

What guidance should I follow when an employee reports that they are ready to return to work after testing positive for COVID-19 or caring for an ill family member who was positive?

If the employee is able to work remotely, supervisors should allow them to do so. Employees returning to work should secure permission from their supervisor before returning to a Tulane work site. The university follows CDC guidelines for employees returning to work. The CDC offers different strategies intended to be applied as appropriate based on local conditions and operational needs. Please consult with your HR business partner if you have questions.

For Timekeepers: How do I update Kronos to capture COVID-19 leave?

Instructions for using the COVID-19 leave pay code in Kronos can be found here.


COVID-19 Accessibility Request FAQs

Please visit the COVID-19 Accessibility Requests & Accommodations webpage for more information. 


Temporary Emergency COVID-19 Paid Leave

Please visit the Temporary Emergency COVID-19 Paid Leave webpage for more details. 


Health & Wellbeing

Please visit the COVID-19 Benefits & Wellness FAQs webpage for more information. 


Staff Hiring & Student Employees

Please visit the Staff Hiring and Student Employment webpage for more details.