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Holiday & Winter Recess Pay

In order to be eligible to receive his/her regular rate of pay during a Holiday or Winter Recess, an employee must meet the following criteria:

  1. the employee must be classified as regular full-time OR regular part time with benefits; and
  2. the employee must not be on an unpaid leave of absence; and
  3. the employee must be regularly scheduled to work on the Holiday or Winter Recess

For example, if a Holiday falls on Friday and the employee is regularly scheduled to work Saturday through Thursday but is not scheduled to work on Friday, the employee will not be eligible to receive pay for a Holiday that falls on Friday.

A non-exempt employee classified as either regular full-time or regular part-time with benefits who is required to work on a standard University holiday or Winter Recess will be paid two and one-half times (2½X) his or her regular rate for hours worked on the standard University Holiday or during Winter Recess.

Holiday and Winter Recess pay is not used to calculate overtime pay. If as a result of work on a University Holiday or Winter Recess, a non-exempt employee works hours in excess of the employee’s regular work week, the employee will be paid at a maximum rate of two and one-half times (2½X) his or her regular rate for all hours worked in excess of the employee’s regular work week.

If a staff member that is classified as an exempt employee is required to work on any or all of the standard Winter Recess days, the employee may reschedule the number of Winter Recess days with the approval of his or her supervisor. The exempt employee will receive pay only at his or her regular rate for work performed on standard Winter Recess days, or for rescheduled Winter Recess days.

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