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Performance Review Guidelines & Resources

Purpose of Reviews

Performance reviews are a means of facilitating open communication between the employee and supervisor to document the employee’s job performance and identify ways the employee can contribute to the University's success and their own professional growth. A private, in person meeting between supervisor and employee is required to complete the performance review process.

Covered Employees

Full-time staff and part-time employees that were hired before October 1, 2020

Not Covered Employees

Reviews are not required to be completed for Postdoctoral Fellows.

Covered Time Frame

Reviews should address employee performance for calendar year 2020.

Due Date

Monday, March 1, 2021

What Must Be Submitted

  • All performance reviews must be submitted using the automated form, which can be accessed at
  • At the end of the process of completing the form, you will be prompted to upload the updated or current, and signed job description to the system.
  • At the end of the process of completing the form, if the employee's composite review score is less than 3.00, you will be prompted to upload a completed and signed Performance Improvement Plan.

Other Important Facts

  • Requests for extensions must be made in writing and approved jointly by the department's Senior Officer and the Vice President of the Office of Human Resources.
  • Support materials are available to assist supervisors and employees in completing the reviews at
  • Questions should be directed to the Employee Relations team in the Office of Human Resources.


Developmental Activities


This document provides resources for developing your career, performance and skills.

Developmental Activities

Online Resources / LinkedIn Learning

Here you will find resources for management tools in leadership, communication, and performance development.

LinkedIn Learning Library

Online Resources

Professional Development Day presentations

Ready to Complete Your Review?

Online Evaluation System