What is Flextime?

Flextime is an alternative work schedule that gives employees greater flexibility in choosing their work hours or the opportunity to change their work schedules from one week to the next depending on personal needs. Under a flextime arrangement, employees are required to work during the university’s core hours (9:00 am -2:00 pm), allowing for flexibility in starting and ending times. 

Many departments provide services that require an in-person presence. Being on campus offers a sense of community and belonging that is essential to providing the best services to students, employees, the campus community. For full campus services to be available, some positions will need to be fully on-campus and in-person. Flextime incorporates flexibility into your daily schedule to meet your departmental needs. We want employees to enjoy being on campus and being a part of our community. 

What is the Review and Approval Process for Flextime?

Flextime arrangements must align with the responsibilities of a particular role and require review and approval by supervisors and department heads or deans. The approval process is as follows: 

Employee submits completed Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement form to supervisor and then to the department head or dean.  

Timekeeper Responsibility

It’s the timekeeper’s responsibility to update the employee’s schedule in Kronos if the flexible work arrangement results in a change in hours of work or days off.  Failure to update the schedule may cause errors in the employee’s pay.  

Supervisors should contact their HR Business Partner if they need guidance in developing criteria for a flexible work arrangement request.

Where Can I Find More Resources? 

Please visit our Resources page to view a number of valuable resources to help navigate Flexible Work Arrangements.