Hybrid Remote Work

What is Hybrid Remote Work?

Hybrid Remote Work is a flexible combination of both in-person and remote work schedules that is available to all eligible Tulane staff employees. In a hybrid remote work arrangement, an employee has a defined schedule in which work is carried out some days of the week or month on campus in a designated space and some days in an official remote location. The maximum number of remote workdays for hybrid remote work shall not exceed two days per workweek. 

Requests for remote work arrangements that are occasional in nature, defined as irregular or sporadic, do not require a form; a supervisor’s approval via email or phone call will suffice. 

Hybrid remote work is not a substitute for leave. Employees with hybrid remote flexible work arrangements are subject to the same time and leave policies as on-site employees.  


What is the Review and Approval Process for a Hybrid Remote Arrangement?

Hybrid Remote arrangements must align with the responsibilities of a particular role and require review and approval by supervisors and department heads or dean. The approval process is as follows:

Employee submits completed Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement form to supervisor and then to department head and Vice President or Dean. 

Where Can I Find More Resources?

Please visit our Resources page to view a number of valuable resources to help navigate Flexible Work Arrangements.