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Non-Family Medical Leave


An employee who is medically disabled and unable to work should first request medical leave under the Family and Medical leave policy.

Staff members who do not meet the eligibility requirements for Family and Medical leave may request a Non-FMLA Medical leave.

Non-Family Medical Leave is available to staff members solely for the staff member to tend to his or her serious health condition.

An employee who is medically disabled and unable to work following Family and Medical leave must apply for Long Term Disability benefits. 

Staff members must submit medical certification in support of the Non-FMLA Medical leave request to the Office of Human Resources if more than five days of consecutive absence is anticipated. The Office of Human Resources can request additional information to assist it in assessing the claim for leave.

Employees on an approved Non-FMLA Medical leave may continue to be covered by Tulane’s group health plans on the same terms that are applicable to active employees. You will be required to continue to pay your share of all premiums due.

When returning to work, you must provide a medical certification of fitness to return to work.

If you go on Non-FMLA Medical leave, the department may post your position. In other words, you may not be guaranteed a position upon the end of your Non-FMLA Medical leave. However, you may be considered for any available positions for which you are qualified at the time of release to return to work.

For the complete policy please reference the Tulane University Staff Handbook.