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The Spring 2023 Tuition Waiver is NOW OPEN!

This program includes Tulane's Tuition Waiver for both employees and their dependents, the Extended Tuition Waiver, and the Tuition Waiver Tax Exemption for graduate students. To learn more, visit the Tuition Waiver Program site: hr.tulane.edu/benefits/tuition-waiver

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are non-exempt employees?

Non-exempt employees are in positions in which they are eligible to earn overtime. These employees are paid for all time worked and are required to record in and out time throughout the day. Any hours worked beyond regularly scheduled hours in a single work week (37.5 or 40) must be approved in advance by the employee's supervisor. If an employee works beyond regularly scheduled hours in a single work week, overtime will be paid. If an employee works beyond regularly scheduled hours without the supervisor's permission, the employee must still be compensated; but disciplinary action may also be taken.

Who are exempt employees?

Exempt employees are in positions in which they are not eligible for overtime. Exempt employees record their exception time (sick, vacation, etc.) every month.

My employees work in different buildings, depending on their assignment. How will they be able to log in to Kronos every day when they are away from their home department?

Employees will have the ability to log in and out of Kronos from any computer or time clock on campus. If employees' work takes them off campus, employees can log in and out of Kronos from any computer where they can access Gibson Online.

What if my employee is late or early to work?

This is a managerial issue and should be handled within the department. Payroll is primarily concerned that all employees of the university are paid timely, accurately and efficiently. For all full-time non-exempt employees, a total of 80 hours are generally expected (40 hours per week). 

Who uses Kronos?

Exempt, non-exempt and student employees being paid by Tulane University.

My department has told me that I cannot work overtime, and not to report hours that I work in excess of 40. How do I handle this?

Employees are required to report all hours worked. For example, if an employee is needed for an after hours event, then he or she is required to include those hours in the weekly total. According to Tulane policy, overtime is to be approved in advance. However, according to the FLSA, Tulane University is required to compensate employees for ALL hours worked. Departments have the choice to either compensate the employee by paying overtime or allowing the employee to leave early/arrive late at the end of the week. If an employee works hours in excess of 40 hours, and the overtime is not approved, Tulane University is still required to compensate that employee for all time worked. However, the department/manager may choose to use disciplinary actions, if overtime is worked without prior approval.

Why are non-exempt employees required to clock in and out of Kronos?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires the university to collect timecards for all hourly employees.