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Overpayment: Actions Required


Departments should process terminations as soon as the supervisor is notified – preferably prior to date of termination.

If an Exempt employee terminates unexpectedly – after the 15th of the monthly – process the termination in EBS immediately and contact Payroll immediately, as they may be able to pull back the ACH for that individual and adjust the paycheck they will be receiving on the last day of the current month.

If an Non-exempt employee terminates unexpectedly – process the termination in EBS immediately and contact Payroll immediately.

Change in Status

Avoid retro-active change in status if possible.  Require that changes be approved the first of the month following the transaction being entered unless they can be entered prior to payroll cutoff in the month that the change in status occurred.


Overpayments are not allowed on externally sponsored grants and contracts.  If an overpayment occurs for an individual who is appointed to an externally sponsored grant or contract, the related costs must be moved, as soon as possible, to an unrestricted funding source.  The Grant Accounting Office regularly monitors overpayments to ensure that the costs are moved off as necessary.  If, however, you are aware of an overpayment situation related to an externally sponsored grant or contract in your department, please notify the appropriate Grants and Contracts Accounting so that it can be removed promptly.

Unresolved Overpayments

There is no statute of limitations on indebtedness to the University. If efforts to recover an overpayment are unsuccessful after a reasonable period has elapsed, Payroll will record the uncollected debt as Overpayment and forward to Accounts Receivable.