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Buddy Program

The Office of Human Resources has established a Green Wave Buddy program to assist new employees in the early months of their Tulane employment. Orientation and retention are all about making new employees feel at home. This also means helping new hires understand our organizational culture and relationships. The Buddy program is a great tool to assist in both of these objectives.

Matching new employees with a "Buddy" - someone who has been in the organization for a while - assists in both cultural integration and orientation. A Buddy is an experienced and engaged team member who has a good understanding of the work environment. They are willing to provide time, be accessible and partner/support the new employee during their first six months on the job. As a result of the Buddy relationship, managers and supervisors will likely find that their interaction with new employees is more meaningful and productive.

Current employees can volunteer to participate in the program and to be assigned to a new employee by the Office of Human Resources, in partnership with their immediate supervisor/manager. Please complete this form , if you are interested in volunteering. Training will be provided.

If you would like more information, email