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Tulane University currently offers two medical plans – Health Reimbursement Account Plan (HRA) and Point of Service Plan (POS) through United Healthcare. Please be aware that all newly hired benefits eligible or new eligible employees are automatically enrolled into the HRA plan. Employees have the option of declining, switching, or staying in this plan within thirty days of new hire/newly eligible status date.


You are eligible to enroll in medical benefits if the below applies:

  • An employee scheduled in HCM to work 18.75 hours or more per week
  • A full-time employee scheduled to work with the university for no less than 7 months
  • A part-time employee working at least 50% of a full-time schedule and expected to work no less than 7 months

These requirements apply to Faculty, Staff, Administrators, Librarians, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and Expatriates.

Health Reimbursement Account Plan (HRA)

HRA Incentive

In previous years, Tulane has given employees who enrolled in the HRA Plan a chance to reduce their annual deductible by completing certain wellness activities each plan year. In 2019, Tulane will be changing the way we incentivize employees who participate in these specific wellness activities to include everyone, not only HRA enrollees. These changes are not finalized at this time, so please expect more information to come in 2019.

If you have completed or plan to complete the below actions for the 2019 HRA Incentive, Tulane will contribute $500 toward your $1,500 deductible if you have individual coverage or $1,000 to your $3,000 deductible if you have family coverage (includes Employee + Spouse and Employee + Children tiers). Please see the below actions that need to be completed no later than October 31, 2018.

  1. Schedule and complete your free (no copay or coinsurance) preventive care exam with your medical provider. Make an appointment today. All preventive care exams given by a UHC provider from November 1, 2017 through October 31, 2018 will count toward the 2019 HRA incentive.
  2. Complete the online Health Assessment (Rally Health Survey) available through the United Healthcare website,  Having the results of your free preventive care exam will be helpful but is not required to complete the assessment. After you submit the health assessment, you'll receive a profile that will provide useful information to manage your personal health. None of this information is shared with Tulane.
  3. Complete 3 Rally Missions available through the United Healthcare website, Rally Can help you get healthier, one small step at a time with personalized health and wellness recommendations. For more information on missions and how to access them CLICK HERE.

Note: If you are hired on or after September 1, 2018 you are only required to register with and complete the Rally Health Assessment and Preventative Care Visit within 60 days of your employment/newly eligible date or December 31st to receive the incentive in 2019.


Prescription Drug Plan


Both the HRA and POS medical plans include the same prescription drug benefits which is administered through OptumRx Pharmacy. Under both plans there is a separate prescription drug deductible of $100. The deductible is per person and three per family must satisfy. All medical and prescription co-payments, deductibles, and co-insurance payments go towards satisfying your out-of-pocket maximum.

After the deductible has been satisfied, your copayment and/or coinsurance is determined by the tier to which the drug is assigned to on the Prescription Drug List (PDL). To determine tier status and search for network pharmacies, log on to or call the Customer Care number on your medical ID card.  

To view the Prescription Drug Plan Summary, click here.


Prescription Drug Plan
Retail Prescription Drugs

Separate Prescription Drug Deductible: $100

Tier 1- $10 copay, Tier 2- $35 copay, Tier 3- $60 copay

Deductible is per person, three per family must satisfy

Mail Order Prescription Drugs

Separate Prescription Drug Deductible: $100

Tier 1- $30 copay, Tier 2- $105 copay, Tier 3- $180 copay

Deductible is per person, three per family must satisfy

Alternative Options

To view alternative health insurance options through the Health Insurance Market, click here.

How to Enroll

To enroll, visit Employee Self-Service within 30 days of your new hire/newly eligible date:

  1. Go to Employee Self-Service and login with your TU username and password
  2. Make your benefits selections
  3. Print your confirmation statement and keep for your records

For more detailed instructions, CLICK HERE.

Declining Medical Coverage

All benefits eligible employees are required to have medical coverage. Therefore, if you decide to decline medical coverage for yourself because of other medical coverage, you will be required to submit a Medical Waiver Form and send proof of the other medical coverage.

For more information on declining medical coverage, click here.


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