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The Spring 2023 Tuition Waiver is NOW OPEN!

This program includes Tulane's Tuition Waiver for both employees and their dependents, the Extended Tuition Waiver, and the Tuition Waiver Tax Exemption for graduate students. To learn more, visit the Tuition Waiver Program site: hr.tulane.edu/benefits/tuition-waiver

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Spring 2023 Tuition Waiver Now Open

Spring 2023 Tuition Waiver Now Open Through Feb 2, 2023

The Tuition Waiver Program provides employees and their family members the opportunity to continue their education at Tulane. Each semester, eligible employees and their eligible family members may receive an exemption from tuition costs by completing the online tuition waiver form. 

Tulane's Tuition Waiver Program includes: 

  • Employee Tuition Waiver
  • Dependent Tuition Waiver
  • Tax Exemption for Graduate Students

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Learn more about Tulane's New Manager Development Program

Build Your Interpersonal Management Skills At Tulane

With all of Module One: Tulane Operational Skills online and available for your review, Tulane has officially launched Module Two: Interpersonal Skills in the Manager Development Program. 

Focused on self-awareness, communication, conflict management, and supporting and motivating others, participants will walk away with the knowledge, tools, and resources to elevate the performance their employees and teams. 

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  Employee Testimonials

Barbara A. CooperBarbara A. Cooper
Law School

I like working with colleagues who value life-long learning.

Jianwei SunJianwei Sun

I like the working environment at Tulane being free, collegial, and supportive.

Allison P. SchillerAllison P. Schiller
Architecture, Taylor Center

Working at Tulane gives me the opportunity to teach across disciplines, bringing design and collaboration to different fields.