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The Institutional Equity team provides educational programs available to staff and faculty, as part of Tulane’s commitment to fostering and maintaining a diverse working and learning environment. We are offering new and innovative programs on a broad range of topics including diversity in recruiting, civil treatment education, unconscious bias, as well as sexual harassment and discrimination education to learn how to recognize, respond and report concerns.

Courses offered are designed to raise awareness, challenge our thinking and promote a respectful and inclusive environment.

Below are descriptions of each course with more information about how to schedule or complete courses. We encourage all staff to do your part to promote diversity and inclusion by bringing these courses to your department.

Civil Treatment Education

The Civil Treatment® program is an experiential and discussion-based program that helps to reinforce the knowledge and skills necessary to set the tone for professional behavior that directly impacts business results. The two courses have been designed for leaders and for employees. Continue reading to learn more about these programs and how to schedule a session for your area today.

Civil Treatment Education for Employees

Would you like to promote a workplace where people are engaged and growing, a space where inclusion, respect, integrity, and teamwork foster peak productivity?

The Office of Human Resources and Institutional Equity is excited to announce that we are offering Civil Treatment for Employees® training! The program is a dynamic and interactive learning experience that promotes a clear understanding of Tulane’s workplace standards and expectations. With simple and sustainable learning models and tools, employees will develop skills proven to positively impact the workplace culture and business results in ways that align with Tulane’s mission and values.

Civil Treatment for Employees® simulates realistic workplace scenarios, offering insights and practical skills relevant to Tulane’s success. By focusing on day-to-day behaviors, Civil Treatment® for Employees challenges and motivates participants to consider the impact of their behavior and encourages them to speak up when issues arise.

Topics include: Speaking up about workplace issues, inappropriate and abusive behavior, social media and electronic communications, manager’s duty to act, and inappropriate mutual banter. 

Course duration: Half day

This program is divided into individual modules or “chapters” that address issues related to:

  • Explain how fair, professional conduct relates to and furthers Tulane’s mission and affects performance;
  • Identify your role and responsibilities for maintaining a professional workplace;
  • Demonstrate how to treat others in a manner consistent with our policies and procedures regarding behavior in the workplace;
  • Harassment, discrimination, and bullying – understanding your responsibilities and the responsibilities of your supervisor for preventing it;
  • Important standards related to issues such as electronic communications, social media, and professionalism in the workplace; and
  • Apply a model for speaking up about concerns to others.

To schedule a session contact Michelle Fields at 504-247-1783 or

Civil Treatment Education for Leaders

Would you like to be a more effective and trusted leader? Would you like to promote higher levels of employee performance and engagement? Are you looking for ways to bolster accountability and responsibility, while at the same time minimize conflict?

Civil Treatment® for Leaders leverages a dynamic, interactive, and experiential learning approach to provide leaders with the skills and insights they need to achieve positive business results and engage employees in ways that inspire their best work. Using real-life business scenarios, Civil Treatment for Leaders simulates some of the most important conversations leaders will have with their people.  

Emphasizing both leadership and legal responsibilities, Civil Treatment for Leaders addresses Tulane’s most compelling and urgent priorities for creating and maintaining an inclusive, civil, and productive work environment with topics including: coaching and managing performance, addressing inappropriate behavior (harassment, discrimination, bullying, retaliation, unprofessional), making employment decisions, duty to act, welcoming concerns, and modeling the behaviors that ensure an inclusive, productive work environment.

With simple and sustainable learning models and tools, leaders will develop skills proven to positively impact our workplace culture and business results.

Course duration: Half day

This program is divided into three sections that address management issues related to:

  • Business Decisions: Making and executing consistent and professional business decisions;
  • Welcoming Concerns: Creating an environment where employees feel valued and respected and where they feel comfortable bringing concerns forward; and
  • Workplace Environment: Exploring how to address issues related to harassment, discrimination, and bullying in the workplace.

To schedule a session contact Michelle Fields at 504-247-1783 or

Challenging Unconscious Bias

What is unconscious bias and why is understanding it the key to making you successful? Unconscious bias is prejudice or stereotype that everyone forms, without realizing it, about a person, group, or institution. Everyone has unconscious biases and, surprisingly, these biases are usually not aligned with our conscious values. This course is in-person and offers an interactive learning opportunity to explore the neurobiology of unconscious bias, types, and effects, as well as how to overcome and challenge bias.

To schedule a session contact Michelle Fields at 504-247-1783 or

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention

Tulane is committed to maintaining a workplace free of sexual harassment and discrimination. One of the ways we do this is through providing annual mandatory online training courses. These courses are designed to educate all of us on how to better recognize, respond, report and to ultimately prevent discrimination and sexual harassment at Tulane.

There are two courses. One is designed for non-supervisory employees and the other for employees who supervise others.

To schedule a session contact Michelle Fields at 504-247-1783 or

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For more information or to book your office training, contact the Institutional Equity team at 504-862-8083 or