Compensation Structure

Annual Staff Salary Ranges 

Annual Staff Salary Ranges
Tulane has two (2) compensation structures:

  • Standard salary ranges reflect annual and hourly rates, which are market-driven. Most of Tulane’s positions are assigned to this structure.
  • Premium salary ranges are almost identical to standard salary ranges. The distinguishing factor is that a 15% premium has been applied to the salary ranges. When developing the salary ranges, market data reflected a 15% differential for specialized and hard-to-fill jobs. Compensation, in discussion with management, assigns positions to this range. 

Each structure consists of ten (10) pay grades into which similarly functioning jobs are placed. Within each structure, there are annual and hourly charts. Each chart's assignment is based on:

  • Annual Salary Chart: Exempt, Salaried, and Monthly Payroll
  • Hourly Salary Chart: Non-Exempt, Hourly, and Bi-Weekly Payroll

These charts are not interchangeable. To determine the annual salary for non-exempt or hourly positions, the formula is:

  • Multiply the number for annual hours by the hourly salary

    Example: If you work 37.5-hour workweeks, multiply 1950 by your hourly rate to get your annual salary. If you work 40.0-hour workweeks, multiply your hourly wage by 2080 to get your annual salary.

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    Additional Information 

    We are pleased to announce that, effective October 1, 2021, the minimum wage for all staff will increase from the current $10.82 per hour to $15 per hour. 

    This decision puts Tulane’s minimum wage at more than double the Federal/Louisiana minimum. The university affirms its responsibility as an academic leader in the region and New Orleans' largest private employer to review and improve compensation packages that allow us to attract, hire, develop, and retain the most talented professionals in the widest array of fields. Through competitive pay and generous benefits, we strive to honor the critical and essential role our workforce plays in creating, maintaining, and growing our mission as one of the country’s leading institutions of higher education and research.

    In order to maintain consistency in compensation for student positions, Tulane will also standardize student wages across the university, increasing the minimum hourly rate from $7.25 to $10.00 effective Oct. 1, 2021.

    Increases will be made to staff pay ranges in keeping with our commitment to continuously reviewing our pay rates relative to the market, and appropriate adjustments will be made to ensure all staff are being paid at the new range minimum. Likewise, the four pay ranges that determine monthly paycheck deductions for medical insurance premiums will be updated to align with the revised compensation structure. 

    Additional adjustments will be considered for jobs within the same classifications, as well as immediate levels above, to relieve pay compression. The Office of Human Resources and Institutional Equity will begin working with leaders across all divisions whose staff will benefit from this change so they can notify employees who qualify for an increase in salary on or before October 1. 

    Compensation Structure: Consists of pay grades and career bands into which broadly comparable jobs are placed.

    Pay Grade: Defines the different levels of pay for jobs relative to their internal job evaluation and external market.

    Pay Range: This defines distinct data points within the compensation structure and is comprised of:

    • Minimum of the range: employees with entry-level experience.
    • 25th Percentile: This percentile represents that 75% of salaries within the identified market, survey, etc. are above.
    • Midpoint of the range: This data point is where 50% of salaries fall below and 50% of salaries are above.
    • 75th Percentile: This represents that 25% of salaries within the identified market, survey, etc. are greater than 75% of the identified market, survey, etc.
    • Maximum of the range: This data point is the highest salary paid within the range while reaching the maximum to pay for a particular position.