Compensation Structure

Tulane has two (2) compensation structures: standard and premium. 

  • Standard salary ranges reflect annual and hourly rates which are market-driven.  Most of Tulane’s positions are assigned to this structure. 
  • Premium salary ranges are almost identical to standard salary ranges.  The distinguishing factor is that a 15% premium has been applied to the salary ranges.   When developing the salary ranges, market data reflected a 15% differential for specialized and hard-to-fill jobs.  Compensation, in discussion with management, assigns positions to this range. 

Each structure consists of ten (10) pay grades into which similarly functioning jobs are placed. Within each structure are Annual and Hourly charts.  The assignment of each chart is determined by:

  • Annual Salary Chart - Exempt, Salaried, and Monthly Payroll
  • Hourly Salary Chart – Non-Exempt, Hourly, and Bi-Weekly Payroll

These charts are not interchangeable. To determine the annual salary for non-exempt/hourly positions, the formula is:

  • Multiply the number for annual hours x hourly salary
    • Example:  If you work 37.5-hour workweeks, multiple 1950 by your hourly rate = annual salary.  If you work 40.0-hour workweeks the hourly salary would be multiplied by 2080 to get the annual salary.

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