Child Care

"The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn."

                                                                         -Maria Montessori 

Looking for child care?

Consider one of our Tulane Child Development Centers. Our program is built on the belief that each child is unique and deserving of individualized attention. We tailor our programs to support every child's growth and development at their own pace, fostering their autonomy by offering a variety of engaging, developmentally appropriate activities. We place particular emphasis on learning through play.

Our daily schedules feature a range of activities designed to promote emotional, social, physical, and cognitive growth. Children have access to active and quiet pursuits throughout the day, with scheduled rest and nap times in the afternoon. We provide nutritious meals and snacks daily, aiming to offer high-quality childcare that is both accessible and affordable.

We operate two centers: Kidopolis Child Development Center by Bright Horizons, situated downtown in the Central Business District, offering programs for children aged six weeks to five years, and Newcomb Children's Center, located on Tulane's uptown campus, providing programs for children aged twelve months to five years.


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