Compensation & Pay

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To this end, the university’s compensation philosophy is to pay all categories of employees at competitive levels established by external labor markets, considering both salary and benefits as a total compensation package.

  • Market Competitive: Establish pay levels for positions on the basis of their external competitiveness with relevant labor markets and their relative internal value.
  • Retain and Engage Employees: Reward employees on the basis of work performance.
  • Internally Equitable: Administer pay equitably and consistently.
  • Align with Tulane Culture: Establish a compensation policy that is consistent with the management and allocation of funds entrusted by the university.
  • Attract Top Talent: Maximize the effectiveness of compensation funding based on recruiting, retention, and employee motivational outcomes.
  • Transparent, Easy to Access, and Understand: Ensure accountability for compliance with all Tulane University policies and procedures and statutory requirements.