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Accessibility of Events

It is our expectation that all meetings and events sponsored by Tulane University are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Taking care to create an accessible event benefits not only individuals with visible or known disabilities, but also helps to ensure that all participants/attendees, including individuals with non-obvious disabilities and/or chronic health conditions, and people of all ages and body types, are able to fully engage in the program.

Inclusion is one of the core values of Tulane University. For people with disabilities, inclusion means designing an event that is free of barriers so that they can participate fully. One important aspect of being a caring community is thinking about how a person’s disability will affect his, her or their attendance and enjoyment of a program or workshop, and planning ahead so that all attendees will feel welcomed and valued.

For details on how to plan an accessible event, or how to request accommodations for an event that you will be attending, please visit the Campus Services site (link coming soon)  or contact the Executive Director for Campus Accessibility & ADA/504 Coordinator.

Campus Map

New accessibility features have been added to the campus map, now you can click on the ADA accessibility option and see ADA parking, ADA restrooms, accessible entrances to buildings, and elevators.

Campus Map with ADA Features


How do I request an ADA accessible parking permit?

  • To request an ADA accessible parking permit, whether temporary or permanent, please contact Parking Services at 504-865-5441 or