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The Spring 2023 Tuition Waiver is NOW OPEN!

This program includes Tulane's Tuition Waiver for both employees and their dependents, the Extended Tuition Waiver, and the Tuition Waiver Tax Exemption for graduate students. To learn more, visit the Tuition Waiver Program site: hr.tulane.edu/benefits/tuition-waiver

Hurricane Ida FAQ

Employee Resources 

1. Is Tulane providing any assistance to employees impacted by Hurricane Ida? 
Tulane is offering a Hurricane Ida Employee Relief Assistance Program.  The program provides limited financial assistance in the form of a $500 grant or a loan up to $1,000 for eligible employees who are unable to meet immediate, essential, reasonable, and necessary expenses because of a temporary hardship as a result of Hurricane Ida.  For more information, visit https://hr.tulane.edu/hurricane-ida.


2. What assistance does the EAP provide?  
EAP Counselors provide confidential support for a variety of concerns, from coping with stress to information and support on financial issues, child care, legal issues, relationships, and other life challenges. Reach New Directions professionals by telephone at 1-800-624-5544, or visit the website at https://www.ndbh.com/, company code: Tulane.


3. What other assistance is available for those impacted by Hurricane Ida?

New Employee Onboard & Start Dates 

4. What guidance should we provide for new hires scheduled to begin work soon? 
Talent Acquisition will host remote New Employee Orientation sessions via Zoom beginning Friday, September 17 until in-person sessions at the Reily Center can be resumed. Any new hires from the weeks of September 3 and September 10 will receive a Zoom link to attend a make-up orientation session on September 17.  Additionally, new hires will receive instructions to complete a remote I-9 process.

Onsite & Remote Work 

5. When are employees expected to return to campus?  
The university is planning to return onsite on September 13 for the downtown and Primate Center campuses and September 20 for the uptown campus. Essential employees may be required to work onsite before these dates. Non-exempt essential employees who work downtown and the Primate Center will be paid premium pay through September 12.  Non-exempt essential employees who work uptown will be paid premium pay through September 19. Check with your supervisor for more details about whether you are required to work onsite.  


6. Will any staff members be required to return to onsite work before September 20, 2021?  
Downtown and Primate Center employees may return to campus on September 13. In order to ensure that the campus completes needed repairs, uptown employees are asked to work remotely until September 20, 2021.  However, some staff may be required to work in-person before these dates, depending on their job responsibilities.  Check with your supervisor on whether you may be required to work in-person before the dates listed for each campus. 


7. Staff may be required to work in person before September 13 for downtown employees or September 20, for uptown employees.  Will those unable to report to work at this time due to safety, power, etc., receive emergency closure pay for those days not worked?
Emergency closure pay will be made available to those who are unable to work remotely or report onsite to work through September 12 for downtown and Primate Center employees and September 19 for uptown employees. If you have an employee who has extenuating circumstances, please reach out to your HR business partner.


8. Are we expected to work remotely during the emergency closure if we have evacuated but have access to power and internet?  
If you are able to work remotely, please do so. However, supervisors have been asked to be flexible, taking into consideration each employee’s circumstances during this exceptional time.  If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your HR business partner


9. Can we return to the office if we are aware that there is power? 
Uptown: Employees are allowed to go to the uptown campus in order to retrieve personal belongings needed for the resumption of virtual classes and remote work. Faculty and staff may enter their uptown offices between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. through Monday, September 13. 

Downtown: All downtown buildings, with the exception of 1700 Perdido are operational. Employees who work in those buildings may resume working from these locations. Check with your supervisor to learn if you are required to work in-person before September 20. 


10. If people are unable to return to New Orleans due to the impact of Hurricane Ida but are able to work remotely from another location, will they be able to continue doing so after September 20?  
While the university’s goal is to resume full onsite on September 13 for downtown and Primate Center employees and on September 20 for uptown employees, we recognize that there are employees who have been gravely impacted by Hurricane Ida. We encourage supervisors to be flexible with employees who have been impacted by Hurricane Ida and may need to continue working remotely to the extent that business operations allow.

Timekeeping & Pay 

11. Are non-essential staff getting paid during the emergency closure?
Yes, non-essential staff will be paid regularly scheduled work hours through September 12 for downtown and Primate Center employees and September 19 for uptown employees.  Non-exempt essential personnel required to work on-site through September 12 for downtown employees and September 19 for uptown employees will be paid a premium (1.5 times regular hourly rate).


12. For Non-exempt employees what timekeeping guidance can be provided?  
Kronos will populate the pay code of Emergency Closure for staff employees who are categorized as either regular full-time or regular part-time with benefits. If an emergency closing occurs during an approved period of vacation, vacation leave remains. For employees who did NOT work during the Emergency Closure, no action is needed. Remote workers should clock in and out via web punch. Essential employees who did work during the Emergency Closure should have clocked in and out via Kronos time clock or web punch. All employees who worked during the Emergency Closure and did not clock in or out should use the Timesheet Change Request or complete a Time Correction Form to document hours worked by Thursday, September 9. Essential nonexempt employees required to work during an emergency closing of the University will be paid two and one-half times (2.5X) his or her regular rate for all hours worked during the emergency closing. Emergency Closure pay is not used to calculate overtime pay. Student employees are not eligible for Emergency closure pay.

Vacation Time 

13. Will vacation policy be flexed to expand carry-over limit?  
At this time, there is not a plan to adjust the vacation policy.