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Student Employment Update to Supervisor

March 16, 2020 10:30 AM

Dear Student Employee Supervisors,

In response to the COVID-19 University update, the Student Employment office recommends student supervisors follow these guidelines:

  • Tulane is doing everything possible to reduce the concentration of people on campus and at our workplaces. Our intention is to allow as many of our student employees as possible to work remotely, while continuing to carry out the essential work of the University. Students may continue to work on-site for critical work that may not be performed remotely.  Students should contact their supervisors to discuss any modifications to shifts, schedules or remote work possibilities.
  • See the Transition to Remote Work document for more guidance.
  • According to Federal guidelines, students with Federal Work Study awards in regions affected by the Coronavirus may continue to receive work study payments even if they are unable to work.  Payroll is preparing to pay the remainder of work study awards to students who have already accepted and been previously paid for FWS awards.  No action is required by the department.
  • Students being paid by stipend will receive their full stipend. Departments do not need to take any actions.
  • Students looking for work should contact the Student Employment Office, SEHR@tulane.edu or 504-247-1700 for assistance.
  • If students report any illnesses, please encourage them to stay home and to contact their health provider as needed.

Student Employment Team