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For Supervisors: Return to On-Site Work Process

August 12, 2020 8:30 AM

Is your department ready to return to campus but you are not sure where to begin? Below are the steps required to return your office to campus. The following is part of the recommended framework to provide instructions for supervisors to follow to prioritize the order of return and management of administrative staff.

Prior to beginning the steps below, supervisors must coordinate with and receive Senior Vice President approval before employees are allowed to return to the workplace.

Step 1: Anticipated Return Date

A SWOT (Safe Workplace reOpening Team) comprised of the Office of Environmental Health & Safety (OEHS), Campus Services, Risk Management, the Office of Emergency Preparedness and the Office of Human Resources & Institutional Equity will be notified of your anticipated return date and assigned to your department to help support you through this process.

Step 2: Site Assessment

Work with your assigned SWOT to complete any pre-site assessment work and schedule an on-site walk through of your physical workspace to determine what actions need to be taken. As you are assessing the workspace, you should analyze your workforce, communicate with employees, and determine who you expect to return to on-site work. A decision tree guidance document and tool have been developed to aid in the process of analyzing your workforce.

Step 3: Recommendations, Audit, Approval

After the assessment is conducted, a member of your assigned SWOT will reach out to you with recommendations. During this step you can expect to take actions to ready your workspace and team including ordering supplies to support social distancing, having your area cleaned and disinfected, completing training and scheduling COVID-19 testing for those who will return. Training materials, testing instructions and sample communications will be provided to you by your HR Business Partner. Once all actions have been taken, the SWOT will complete an audit of your area as a final check.

Step 4: Return to On-Site Work

Resume on-site work as planned after all prior steps have been completed. Once you are back on-site, employees should begin daily health checks and should be prepared to begin random COVID-19 surveillance testing. More information will be provided when it is available.

The entire return to on-site work framework may be found at https://tulane.edu/covid-19/workplace.