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Testimonials, Pictures, and Jazzfest Tickets – Oh my!

April 11, 2018 7:30 AM

2018 Unified Recognition Event
2018 Unified Recognition Event

Nearly 400 university employees gathered at the 2018 Unified Recognition Event held on April 6 at the Roosevelt Hotel to celebrate milestone anniversaries, and honor recipients of the President’s Staff Excellence & Departmental/Team awards. In addition, the event also included recognition of Student Employee and Student Supervisor of the Year, and acknowledged two new initiatives introduced this year – the New Hire Buddy Program and the Lean Six Sigma Program.

Here’s what people are saying about this year’s event (quotes from Post-Event Feedback Survey):

“I had a wonderful time catching up with someone who was hired around same time as myself (5 year milestone). We formerly served on a team together but currently serve on different teams within the Office of Advancement.  This is one reason why a unified event is such a great idea: bringing everyone together not only serves your intent to offer a sense of scale, but brings everyone together in the same room as a way to connect old friends and perfect strangers all in service to the University's educational mission. Thank you.”

“I received a 5 year milestone award pin and certificate.  I truly enjoy working at Tulane University, and I appreciated all of the effort made by Tulane to say thank you for your service.  Even though Tulane employs thousands, and is one of the biggest employers in the city of New Orleans, this event made me feel like all of the work I do each day at Tulane doesn't go unnoticed.”

“I thought the ceremony was very nice, and the length of time for the event was spot on.  The food was great!  I like the way Dr. Bolton brought us back in time to the events that were happening in our world when we started our employment which was truly a nice touch to the event.”

“This was a very nice and well organized event.  It was great catching up with other staff members that you don't often see, putting a face with a name of someone you collaborate with but have never met face to face, and meeting new people.  Thank you.”

“My previous jobs did not have an event like this... "Enough Said"!  Thanks for the event I enjoyed it very much!”

Who won Jazzfest tickets?

Honorees for this year’s recognition event had the opportunity to win two pairs of tickets to weekend #1 and #2 of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.  This year, our lucky recipients were Verna Aucoin from Advancement and Ngoc-Tram Nguyen from Urology.

2018 Unified Recognition Event
2018 Unified Recognition Event - Verna Aucoin, Advancement | Winner of Jazz Fest Tickets Weekend # 1

2018 Unified Recognition Event
2018 Unified Recognition Event - Ngoc-Tram Nguyen, Urology | Winner of Jazz Fest Tickets Weekend # 2

Those attendees who did not receive Jazzfest tickets still left the Unified Recognition Event with smiles after being recognized as recipients of milestone anniversaries, 2017 President’s Staff Excellence Award, 2017 President’s Departmental/Team Excellence Award, Student Employment Recognition Award, or as participants of the newly implemented New Hire Buddy Program and Lean Six Sigma.

Pictures from the event:

Please also take a moment to view photos from the 2018 Unified Recognition Event HERE.