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March 27, 2019 7:15 AM

2019 Unified Recognition Event
2019 Unified Recognition Event

Here's What People Are Saying...

“I was honored to attend this event and I have been looking forward to it as this is my 1st recognition event for 5 years! The entire setting and arrangement was executed perfectly! Having all of the schools in the same room together was empowering and makes me look forward to many more years working for Tulane University!”

“I love the fact that it is now a Unified Recognition Ceremony.  We often times speak with other staff members by email or phone periodically. It's a great way to put a face with a name and introduce yourself to those we interact with on a  daily basis.”

“The new unified format is great, beautiful venue, lovely atmosphere, good food, music. It's a great opportunity to break down the walls of physical separation of the various campus employees.”

“In my 35 years of working at Tulane, this is by far the best and made me feel like queen for a day.”

“The décor, music, set-up were all very impressive. It was a nice gathering of Tulanians!”

“I talk to many employees over the phone.   I appreciate being able to gather on a happy note and put a face to a name.  I was proud to receive a milestone pin and document. Thank you for putting on this event.”

“The event give me a moment to recap time spent at Tulane University. Thanks for appreciating and celebrating my 25 years of service. As the university advanced two decades and a half ago, so did I. Thanks for opportunities then, now and our future.”

Did Anyone Say Prizes?

Attendees at this year’s recognition event had the opportunity to win several prizes including a his and her Fitbit Altas, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Airpods and a Tulane gift package with a Visa card!  This year, our lucky winners were: Michael Evans from Structural & Cellular Biology; Mark Mckeown with Advancement - Associate VP Major Gifts; Joseph Downs from TU Police Department and Brian Weimer with Vice President for Research.

Thanks again to TU Wellness for providing us with prizes to support an active and healthy lifestyle!!!

Say...Tulane! Event Pictures

Check out some of the memories we gathered, who knows...if you attended the event you may see your picture!


2019 Unified Recognition Event