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Kathryn Lafrentz, J.D., Executive Director for Campus Accessibility & ADA/504 Coordinator

Kathryn Lafrentz

The Executive Director for Campus Accessibility & ADA/504 Coordinator provides leadership to university efforts to ensure an accessible, welcoming working and learning environment for individuals with disabilities while ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations.

She is the point of contact for visitors, prospective staff & faculty members, and current staff & faculty members seeking accommodations.

The Executive Director also provides supervision and guidance to the Goldman Center for Student Accessibility, which offers assistance to all students of Tulane, and accommodates them with modifications to their academic, online, work-study, and on-campus housing and dining environments.

Alisha Lanae’ Williams

Alisha Lanae’ Williams is the Job Accommodations Specialist for Tulane University’s Office for Campus Accessibility. She works with the ADA/504 Coordinator to ensure that Tulane’s faculty and staff receive reasonable accommodations at work. Alisha has years of experience advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities and their caregivers.

She believes that, with the appropriate support, everyone - regardless of the level of their disability - can be successful in their community and at work. Alisha is a native New Orleanian and cannot imagine making anywhere else her home. She loves everything about the city, including its unique people and culture.

When not working at Tulane or out and about at one of the city’s many festivals, Alisha enjoys reading, listening to true crime podcasts and spending time with her family, friends and pets.


Kathryn Lafrentz, J.D.
Executive Director for Campus Accessibility & ADA/504 Coordinator
504.247.1751 (o) | 504.862.8435 (f)

Alisha Lanae’ Williams
Job Accommodations Specialist

Tulane University
Division of Student Affairs | Office of Human Resources
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