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Performance Review Resources

Performance review forms and supporting resources were designed to help you efficiently navigate through the review process. Please review the following resources and contact your HR Business Partner or email EmployeeRelations@tulane.edu with any questions.


To avoid any loss of work due to idle time within the online form, we highly recommend that supervisors compose reviews using the 2021 Employee Review Form and then copy and paste your comments into Frevvo once you are ready to submit.


2021 Performance Review Form

2021 Employee Self-Review Form

2021 Rating Definitions

2021 Performance Review Manager User Guide

2021 Performance Review Employee User Guide

2021 Performance Review Webinar Recording

2021 Performance Review Presentation (PDF with notes)

2021 Performance Review Guidelines

LinkedIn Learning Performance Management Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions will help managers and staff employees prepare for the annual performance review process.


Are there any changes to the performance reviews for calendar year 2021?

Yes. The 2021 performance reviews are in an updated format that introduces a Job Description rating section that assesses the employee's performance within their assigned role. Competency-based ratings are preserved except for the removal of the Innovation competency. Also, rating scales are now in half-point increments, allowing for more accuracy and specificity of ratings.

Are self-reviews required as prework for the performance review?

While self-reviews are not required by the university, managers may require them. Self-reviews are strongly encouraged because they are a helpful tool for both the employee and manager. They allow the employee to outline their accomplishments, which the manager incorporate into the final review.

Where can I find my or my direct report's TUID?

The TUID number can be found by logging onto Gibson Online and going to "TU ID Search" under the Staff tab.

How are the ratings on the performance review weighted?

The Job Description rating is weighted at 50% of the final score while the other half of the score is distributed across the three competencies.


Do I need to complete a review for part-time employees?

All full-time and part-time employees hired prior to October 1, 2021 must receive a performance review.

My direct report is still in their introductory period. Do I need to complete a review for them?

If an employee was hired prior to October 1, 2021, you must complete a performance review for them. We encourage using the performance review process to facilitate performance conversations with newer employees.

My employee is currently on FMLA. How do I complete their review?

You may complete the performance review upon the employee's return from leave.

My direct report transferred to my department at the end of the year. Do I still need to complete their review?

Yes, you must complete their review, and you should collect input from their previous manager. Document the time in the position in the comments.

I am a new supervisor and have not worked with my direct reports very long. How do I review them?

Collect input from customers and the employee's prior supervisor to complete the review to the best of your ability. Contact your HR Business Partner for additional guidance.

Is training available for supervisors?

Yes supervisors may access the Manager's User Guide and other resources on the Performance Review Resources website. A recorded Performance Management presentation will be posted there soon, as well. Contact your HR Business Partner for additional guidance.

I have a direct report whose review is below expectation. What do I do?

Contact your HR Business Partner to determine next steps regarding improvement/development plans.

I am having trouble determining the appropriate rating for my direct report with the new format. What do I do?

Refer to the Rating Definitions for clarification on scoring. If you need additional guidance, please contact your HR Business Partner.

Do I have to upload a copy of the reviewed employee's job description with the performance review?

Yes; this is a validated requirement in the performance review form. If you do not have a copy of the job description, your departmental hiring manager or department administrator may have one. If they do not, please contact HRrecords@tulane.edu.


How should I prepare to participate in a review?

Some basic tips for preparation include:

  • Keeping in mind or documenting accomplishments, feedback, and training throughout the review period.
  • Completing an Employee Self-review to reflect on the prior year’s work.
  • Preparing discussion points for the review
Do I need to keep a copy of the completed review form?

Yes; you will receive an email copy automatically when your supervisor submits it.

What if I disagree with the ratings given by my supervisor?

You are advised to discuss your concerns with your direct supervisor.  If the concerns are not resolved with the direct supervisor, you may speak to your supervisor’s supervisor.  The decision of the supervisor’s supervisor is final.

I do not agree with my final review, and do not want to sign it. What do I do?

The employee signature acknowledges receipt but does not mean you agree with the review.  You must submit your review to your manager with your electronic signature.  You are encouraged to add comments to the review, which will be included with the manager’s feedback.

Do performance reviews apply to student employees?

Performance reviews are not required or expected for student employees.

If you have questions or need additional guidance, please contact your HR Business Partner or send an email to employeerelations@tulane.edu.

LinkedIn Learning

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