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Open Enrollment For 2022 Benefits Is Now Open, Oct 11 - Oct 29

Open Enrollment is an opportunity for all benefits-eligible employees to enroll in or make changes to their benefits for the upcoming year. Open Enrollment is passive this year, which means if you do not make any changes, you will remain in the same coverage for 2022, except for FSA/HSA elections. Visit 2022 Benefits Open Enrollment: Back TUgether for more info. 



Staff Handbook Updates

The staff handbook provides general information about Tulane’s employment practices, including the benefits provided to staff and conduct expected from staff members.  This page reflects the latest updates to the staff handbook.

The HR Business Partners are a resource, supporting managers and employees with questions about employment-related matters.  If you have questions or need additional information, please contact your designated HR Business Partner.

Staff Handbook

March/April 2019 updates:

Breaks/Lactation and Breastfeeding
Tulane provides a reasonable break time and a place other than a bathroom for employees to express milk.  The Breaks and Lactation/Breastfeeding policies have been separated.  The list of Lactation/Family rooms on each campus is found on the Office of Human Resources website.

Drug and Alcohol Policy
The various policies have been incorporated into one policy for the purposes of compliance with Department of Transportation, as well as other Federal and State regulations.  Staff is reminded the consumption, possession, sale or purchase of alcohol at any University-sponsored business or social functions held on or off campus must have the prior approval of your Senior Vice President and must be served in alignment with the University’s Alcohol Policy.

Holidays and Winter Recess
We recognize that not all religious observances are standard University holidays.  The policy has been updated to allow use of vacation allowed with supervisor approval for religious practices or holidays that are not standard University holidays.

Jury Duty/Court Appearances
It is not uncommon for staff members to need time away from work to attend to personal business related to court appearances.  The updated policy allows use of accrued vacation time for appearance in court for personal business with supervisor approval.

Staff Voluntary Phased Retirement
Voluntary Phased Retirement is intended to meet the needs of staff members who would like to transition into retirement while still providing service to the University.  The policy allows staff to have a gradual work commitment reduction over a defined period of time at a reduced compensation level. Managers will be able to facilitate opportunities for the transfer of institutional knowledge and experience that retirees provide. For more information visit the Staff Voluntary Phased Retirement page.