Staff Handbook Updates

The staff handbook provides general information about Tulane’s employment practices, including the benefits provided to staff and conduct expected from staff members.  This page reflects the latest updates to the staff handbook.

The HR Business Partners are a resource, supporting managers and employees with questions about employment-related matters.  If you have questions or need additional information, please contact your designated HR Business Partner.

Staff Handbook

November 2021 updates:

All references to “he, him, his/she, her, hers” gender replaced to gender neutral.

Flexible Work Arrangements – page 21
The university is now offering a more robust and accessible hybrid work program to our staff as an enhancement to the Flexible Work Arrangements policy, which also includes existing options Flextime, a Compressed Workweek, and Remote work.  This update will provide many of our staff the flexibility to be their most productive selves while also continuing to position Tulane as a highly competitive and attractive place to work.  

Travel Policy – page 46
The references to pay were moved from the compensation section for ease of reference.

Emergency and Limited Closure - page 49
Formally called Emergency Closures, this policy was updated to include those occasions which restrict access to university properties, such as the need to shelter in place for a storm, flooding, power outage or icy roads, resulting in a limited closure which may necessitate remote work. In this case, employees required to work on-site or remotely, receive their regular rate of pay rather than a premium.

Those unable to work remotely will receive administrative pay for those hours they are not able to work up to their regularly scheduled hours.

Those who have scheduled vacation or sick may request cancellation of vacation or sick with approval of supervisor if they were required to work during the emergency closure.

Emergency Closing for Extended Duration Closures - page 50
Previously, the policy stated that premium pay would begin during the third week of an extended duration closure. This reference has been removed to allow for the duration of premium to be limited or changed, based upon the length of the closure.

This policy was also updated to include employees within the School of Medicine and TUMG to designate pay in the event for an extended duration as their regular rate of pay plus premium pay of one time (1X) for all hours worked per their request.

University Holidays and Winter Recess – page 68
Previously, designated non-exempt, benefits eligible staff assigned to the School of Medicine as well as Tulane Medical Group were paid their regular rate of pay plus a premium of one-half times (1/2 X) for all hours worked during university holidays and winter recess.

The premium rate has been adjusted to reflect regular rate of pay plus a premium of one time (1 X) per their request.