Hiring Guidelines

The Talent Acquisition team is your partner in the recruitment and hiring process for students, faculty, and staff.  We are available to walk you through each piece of the process, including posting a vacancy, interviewing, creating and extending the offer, and onboarding.

What's new in the staff hiring process? 

Departments may begin reviewing ALL applicants immediately, without waiting for the applicant status to change to ‘Hiring Manager Review.’  Please be sure to review the job description to ensure candidates meet the qualifications as you will be unable to hire a candidate who does not meet the minimum qualifications. If they do not meet the requirements, please update the candidate status to “Not Selected.”

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to your HR Recruiter.

Request Access as a Hiring Manager in System

​​​​In order to submit requests for vacancies and offers in iRecruitment, you will need to request Tulane Manager iRecruitment access in HCM/Oracle EBS (if you do not have it already).  Please follow these steps: Navigate to https://tulane.service-now.com.

  • Log in using your Tulane single sign-on.
  • On the left side of the next page (Service Now home page), click “Service Catalog.”
  • In the next screen, under “Account & ID Management,” select “HCM Functional Accounts.”
  • On the next screen, review the pre-loaded information to make sure it is correct.  In the “Requested for” field, ensure your name is there if you are requesting access for yourself.  If you are requesting access for somebody else, enter that person’s name.  Type the name in the field, and the system will automatically present you with a choice of names.
  • In the field with the red asterisk entitled “D/D/DH or person responsible for financials in your department,” enter the appropriate name for your department.
  • Select “Tulane Manager iRecruitment” under “Please indicate the HCM responsibilities that you are requesting.”
  • In the field that appears after your last selection, enter your organization number under “Organization Number(s).”
  • Finally, click the blue “Order Now” button on the top of the right screen.
  • Your request will be submitted for review to Tulane Technology Services.
  • When you are granted Tulane Manager iRecruitment access, a link will appear on the left side of your Oracle EBS homepage.
New to Student Hiring?

Hiring Managers must be fully trained on the new electronic student hiring system before they can gain access to this responsibility.

If you are a new manager and you plan on hiring student workers the Student Hiring Manager training 35 minute self-paced course can be found on the online learning platform TULearn. After completing the course please download the completion certificate and email it to SEHR@tulane.edu and we will request your access through IT.

How to Create a Vacancy & Offer

​​​​The following guides will help you create requests for vacancies and offers in iRecruitment:

Vacancy Approvals 

​​​​Once a vacancy is approved, you will receive a notification email explaining next steps. See link below.

  • Notification email