Professional Development Day

Hosted by the Office of Human Resources & Institutional Equity, Professional Development Day (PDD) is centered around engaging with new ideas and expanding our desired skillsets. However, thanks to this unique collaborative learning environment, knowledge and skill-building aren't the only benefits attendees of PDD can expect. 

Why should I attend? Here's a little lagniappe you might consider:  

  • Discover new ways to approach your toughest challenges 
  • Find effective peers to emulate and mentors to learn from 
  • Gain new perspectives while getting in touch with your own voice and goals

Use the side menu to check out Professional Development Day agendas and speakers from past years.

The most important thing to learn is that there's always more to learn. Ongoing professional development has the power to transform our careers over time — but there's no way we can prove it to you, short of you trying it yourself!  

Professional Development Day 2023 will be held virtually on September 28 & 29. Find out more here.