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Vacation Donations

The Staff Vacation Transfer Pool is designed to make additional paid leave available to staff employees who experience a catastrophic health event by permitting eligible employees to voluntarily surrender their accrued, unused, vacation leave for the benefit of such other employees, on a first-come, first-served basis.  Staff Handbook

In order to be eligible to use the Staff Vacation Transfer Pool, a staff employee: 

  • Must be eligible for Family and Medical leave; and
  • Must be eligible to accrue vacation leave; and
  • Must have used all of his or her own paid leave.  

Only vacation hours may be transferred to the Staff Vacation Transfer Pool. Vacation hours may also be transferred to a specific employee who meets the above criteria. Solicitation of vacation hours for transfer is prohibited. 

To submit a request to transfer vacation hours, complete and return the application form to the Records team: 

To Donate Vacation Hours
To Receive Vacation Hours