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Student Employees FAQs


How do I find a student job?

Tulane has two resources for students looking for a job, Student Job Listings powered by College Central Network, and the annual Student Job Fair. Students are encouraged to use both resources to help with their job search.

How many jobs am I allowed to have?

Students are allowed to work one Work study position and two non-work study positions.

How many hours am I allowed to work?

Students are encouraged to work less than 20 hrs/week. Students on an F-1 visa are not allowed to exceed 20 hrs/week regardless of the number of positions held.

How often and when do I get paid?

Students get paid on a biweekly basis, for more information on pay dates please visit Payroll Calendars.

Where can I go to complete my paperwork?

Students can make an appointment to visit the Student Employment office to complete their federal I-9 with their appropriate documents by following this link.

What happens to my Federal Work Study funds if I don't use them?

Work Study funds are awarded over an academic year. Any unused funds in the Fall will rollover to the Spring. Federal Work Study funds do not roll over to the next academic year and may not be earned in the Summer.

Can I apply for a Work Study position if I haven't been awarded Federal Work Study?

Students who have not been awarded FWS are not forbidden from applying to Work Study positions, but they are encouraged to focus their job search on non-work study positions.

Do my Work Study earnings automatically go towards my tuition and fees?

Work Study earnings do not automatically go towards a student's tuition and fees. All FWS earnings are directly deposited into a checking or savings account of the student's choosing.

Can I start working if I completed all my hiring paperwork?

Students paid on an hourly rate may not start working until they've received an email notification from HCM and Kronos. Students MUST wait for these notifications before they can start working. This will let you know you are in the Kronos timekeeping system and may begin clocking in and out.

Students paid a stipend may not start working until they've received an email notification from HCM. Students MUST wait for this notification before the can start working. This will let you know that you have been hired by the department.

Is there anybody I can speak to if I can't find a student job?

The Student Employment team is committed to helping students navigate the student employment process. Please fee l free to email if you are having difficulty finding employment.

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