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Charlotte Hankton - Executive Assistant to the Chief Information Officer, VP Technology/Infrastructure
"I like working at Tulane University because of the great leadership and it is a flagship university; the friendly and approachable staff, great benefits, the environment, and the opportunity to advance my education and career. I also love Tulane’s Motto: Non sibi, sed suis, translated as "not for one's self, but for one's own." It touches my soul."

Michael Goodman - Associate Vice President University Financial Aid, University Financial Aid
“Tulane offers a very special work environment, employing caring and supportive co-workers who are dedicated in their service to our students.  From the beauty of our campuses to the offering of wonderful benefits to the opportunity to participate in various events, is what our staff recently reported as their favorites at Tulane.”

Blaine Fisher - Manager EHS Compliance & Training Support, (Defunct) Environmental Health & Safety
"There is a sense of pride working at Tulane. I love getting the 'Wow, you work at Tulane?!' response. There is also a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Tulane is making green waves that are felt around the world. It is great to be part of the Tulane family!"

Carolyn Barber-Pierre - Assistant Vice President Multicultural Affairs
“I have enjoyed working at Tulane for a number of reasons, but most importantly, because of the  amazing students I  have had the pleasure to work with and mentor over the years.  I am fortunate to work  at a place that has given me so many  opportunities to create develop programs, services inclusive spaces,  experiences and conversations,  where all students feel valued and welcomed. We may not be exactly where we want to be, but the current commitment from the administration to  work to achieve these goals encourages me to carry on."

Sarah Montes - Assistant Dean Academic Advising Center, Center For Academic Advising
"It is a privilege and an honor to work at Tulane University. My daily work with the undergraduate students fuels my life-long quest for understanding the complex and varied experiences our students face both in higher education and in the broader global context. Working with the team of professionals among our staff and faculty make the day-to-day “grind” anything but a grind! Each day is interesting, varied, challenging, and rewarding in its own way.”

Belinda Schneider – Program Manager, Office of International Students and Scholars 
"Working at Tulane has been a transformational experience for me. I feel so lucky to be doing a job where I get to meet people from all over the world. Each day brings an exciting and different experience as each student I meet brings its own unique culture, hopes, and expectations to Tulane. I feel lucky to know that I am part of an academic community that not only has a global reach but also understands the richness and diversity that each student brings to our school."

Alicia Domangue - Assistant Director Campus Recreation, Campus Recreation
“I love working in Campus Recreation because of my work with student employees – it is rewarding to see them grow and gain professional skills by holding a job on campus.  I love watching them gain confidence in decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking."

Adrianne Brocato - Administrative Program Coordinator, Athletics 
"I like working at Tulane Athletics because I feel like I am a part of something great that is always striving for greatness. I started back in 2007 as a student. I loved it here. The professors are great, the education is phenomenal, AND the landscape is beautiful. What more could you ask for in a college? I am also close to home, which also helps. A few years later, I was offered a job to run the Athletic Team Shop. This is where I fell in love with the Athletics Department. Their togetherness, their drive, and their ability to put on so many events at the same time, and they do it so well. I am now Administrative Program Coordinator for Baseball, Bowling, Swimming and Diving, and Sailing. I have way more responsibilities, but I feel like I have less work to do, if that makes sense. I am the first person that people see when they walk into the Wilson Athletic Center. I also do lots of paperwork for my sports, which allows the Coaches to focus on things that are more important. Those coaches always make me feel appreciated.  Not a day goes by that they do not say Thank You to me for something. It could be something as small as finding an email. I feel like we have all become a close-knit family. Everyone supports each other and helps each other when necessary. It makes me feel like I am at home, and I do not dread coming to work. To come to work every day and feel like you are a part of something great, is such a satisfying feeling. It makes it a lot easier to get up in the morning."

Nagendra Sunkara – TAMS Team Lead, VP Technology/Infrastructure 
"I like the job that i do and the opportunities for higher education that the university provide for me and my family as an employee."

Gennifer Thompson - User Services Analyst III, Technology Initiatives
"I enjoy working at Tulane because every day I meet incredible and interesting people." 

Scott Mitchell – Assistant Director Athletics, Athletics
"Since arriving at Tulane in 2007, I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of the brightest college students in the country.  The most rewarding part of my job is witnessing the personal and professional growth of our students during their college tenure.  Furthermore, Tulane and New Orleans has given me opportunities I never dreamed of professionally and socially.  Not only is Tulane one of the best academic institutions in the country, but the City of New Orleans is one of, if not the most, culturally diverse cities in the country.  I truly believe you will find your time at Tulane to be just as rewarding as I have."

Laney Armstrong – Manager Tulane University Travel Program, Materials Management
"Since I started at Tulane 13 years ago, at an entry level position, I’ve been promoted 4 times and won the President’s Staff Excellence Award. Three of those promotions happened in the same department and led to the management position I hold today. I guess you can say that Tulane helped me turn a job into the career that I love. My oldest son graduation from Tulane, another great enhancement of working here, and returned to work at Tulane two weeks ago. My mother obtained her PhD and worked here for 20+ years before her passing, then me and now my son, three generations! My youngest son will be entering college in a few years, I look forward to his graduation day at Tulane as well. I hope that my family continues this Tulane relationship for many years to come." 

Keith Pickett - Librarian III, TUHSC Library
"I like the fact that working for Tulane gives me the opportunity to participate in the education of the next generation of health professionals. My co-workers are creative and dedicated to doing the best possible job they can. It’s a great place to work."

Sun Hope - Project Team Leader Database Administration, VP Technology/Infrastructure
"Recruiter reached out to me about Tulane’s tuition program and that made me decided to start job interview and took the offer. I am so glad that I took the job offer 6 years ago. My daughter got accepted by Tulane for 2018. More importantly, I love what I do here. We are implementing a lot of enterprise solution with cutting edge new technologies. We have plenty training and always learning new things. We run into a lot of challenges and we have a great team working together to make each and every project a successful story. Tulane is a great place to work, to learn and to grow." 

Peggy Spencer - Senior Program Coordinator, Registrar
"I’ve been with Tulane less than ten (10) years.  Everyday there is something new to learn and experience.  I like to call them opportunities.  There is no better feeling than helping people.  It could be an instructor looking for a classroom that best fits their teaching style, a student needing assistance in registering for classes or advisors trying to accommodate their advisees to achieve the goals they set for themselves when they made the best choice, attend Tulane." 

Patrick Hopewell -Assistant Coach Strength and Conditioning, Athletics
"Tulane University has been a great place to grow as a young professional. Our department is full of employees who want to help you succeed and provide you with opportunities for growth. With everyone pulling in the same direction, it is motivating to see what future successes lie ahead."