TU Wellness & Annual Health Incentive

The mission of TU Wellness is to create and maintain a culture of holistic health and wellness for all employees through health education and wellness activities. Employees enrolled in our medical plans are eligible to earn incentives by participating in the TU Wellness Program. Tulane's Wellness platform, WellRight, is an easy way to learn more about your health and earn incentives. 

Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) reimburses you with incentive dollars earned from participating in the TU Wellness Annual Health Incentive for eligible medical expenses This account is only paired with the HRA medical plan.  While all Tulane medical plan participants can participate in the annual wellness incentive, HRA plan members earnings will be made available via their Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) provided by HealthEquity. 

Key Components to Your TU Wellness Program

Participation in our TU Wellness Programs can look different depending on who you are and your health goals. Below you will find some of the key components we’ve devised to support the health and wellbeing of Tulane’s community.

Wellness Program 1
Wellness 3

Steps for Getting Started with TU Annual Health Incentive Program

You will receive an email from WellRight with a personalized activation link for registration, or you can do the following:

  • Visit www.tulane.wellright.com and register to create an account.
  • Download the WellRight app to your mobile device.
  • Register to create an account using Tulane as the company code.
  • Once activated, you can begin by reviewing the program's holistic activities.
  • Begin the pathway to a healthier you!

Once you have completed each activity, it will automatically display on the dashboard. Please allow time following some activities, such as the Wellness Exam, for claims to be processed.

Members can easily connect their wearable devices and wireless scales to the portal. Once connected, data from the devices immediately starts flowing into the portal, displaying on the calendar view and giving them credit towards activities.

All the latest devices, wireless trackers, and apps in the industry are supported, including the Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, MapMyFitness, and more.

Receiving Your Rewards:

  • HRA/HSA Plan: Money will be deposited in your HealthEquity account after you complete your activities in WellRight. Debit cards will be mailed to all participants to be used for the appropriate purchases. Additional details can be found here
  • POS Plan: Gift cards will be available in WellRight after you have completed your activities.

Please note: Claims-based activities may take several weeks to process before your funds or gift cards become available.

Submitting a Claim:

To submit claims for applicable medical expenditures, visit my.healthequity.com,  select "Claims and Payments" from the top menu to view and add claims. Lost receipts?  You may use your explanation of benefits available in your MyHealthToolkitla.com profile. If you have utilized your debit card to pay for the appropriate expenses, you should not need to submit a claim.

24/7 Access To Virtual Care With Tulane Telehealth

New in 2023, benefits-eligible employees and covered family members can now get on-demand care for many common conditions. Registration takes just a few minutes and gives you nationwide access to our network of expert providers. Visit hr.tulane.edu/TulaneTelehealth to learn more.

Employee Health Improvement Program

The Department of Campus Recreation, in collaboration with TU Wellness and the Living Well Clinic, is thrilled to provide an opportunity for Tulane University employees to reduce health risk factors and enhance overall well-being through a comprehensive health improvement program. This 10-week initiative includes three group training sessions per week, led by a certified personal trainer. Click here to learn more. 

Discover the Key to Optimizing your Diet

In our exclusive video interview, registered dietitian Kathy Garvey reveals the #1 thing you may not know about your diet but should. Gain expert knowledge and learn practical tips to enhance your nutrition choices. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your well-being. Watch the interview now!


  • If you participate on the Health Reimbursement Plan, you are “reimbursed” for participating in annual health incentive program and supporting activities, including completing a wellness exam as well as a health risk assessment survey.
  • Earned incentives can only be used for Medical Expenses Only for employees on the HRA and HDHP Medical Plans. Employees on the POS plan earn points that are redeemed for gift cards.
  • A full-time employee scheduled to work with the university for no less than 7 months
  • A part-time employee working at least 50% of a full-time schedule and expected to work no less than 7 months

Once you have received your HealthEquity debit card, you may use that card to pay for applicable medical expenditures with the funds you have earned. Depending on your medical plan election, the funds earned in your account each year will carry over and be subject to IRS guidelines.

Note: For the HRA plan, up to $500 will rollover into the new year. For the HDHP/HSA plan, all funds roll over from year to year. For the POS plan, gift cards need to be purchased by the end of the plan year.

Click here for more details associated with each specific plan, including what your earnings can be spent on for each of the HRA, HSA, FSA, and POS plan options. Or click below for a printer-friendly version. 


  • Medical Copays
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Medical Deductibles
  • Medical Out-of-Pocket Max
  • Over-the-Counter Medical Items*
  • FSA Store Items*

*Over-the-Counter Items and the FSA Store will decline when using the Benefits Debit Card due to coding. The work around is paying out-of-pocket, then uploading the receipt/s to your HealthEquity account under the Reimburse Me section, and it will reimburse you for those purchases.

To log into your account at HealthEquity, click below and follow the dual authentication process.

Access Your HealthEquity Account


The Health Equity microsite is your centralized place for accessing the following accounts:

  • Healthcare Flexible Spending Account
  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
  • Health Reimbursement Account
  • Health Savings Account

Here you can manage your account and access your account details, including balances available to spend, pay a provider, view claims, and manage cards. If you request a new card in your account and would like an additional card for your dependent spouse, click the box to make them a "dependent". Once you do that, you can request the card online. There will be a charge for new cards after 3 card requests. 

To be eligible to enroll in one of our health account options, employees must meet the following crtiteria:

  • Employee is scheduled in HCM to work 18.75 hours or more per week
  • Full-time employees must be scheduled to work with the university for no less than 7 months
  • Part-time employee must be working at least 50% of a full-time schedule and expected to work no less than 7 months

To enroll, visit Employee Self-Service within 30 days of your new hire/newly eligible date:

  • Go to Employee Self-Service and login with your TU username and password
  • Make your benefits selections
  • Print your confirmation statement and keep for your records
  • For more detailed instructions, CLICK HERE.

Access Your HealthEquity Account

Contact Our Providers 

Contact WellRight customer service at support.wellright.com 


Health Equity
Customer Service: 1-866-346-5800

Customer Service: 1-866-624-5544


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