Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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The Employee Assistance Program provides professional and confidential services to help employees and family members address a variety of personal, family, life, and work-related issues. EAP benefits are free of charge and easily accessible through New Directions’ 24/7, live-answer toll-free telephone number. Services include:

  • Unlimited telephonic clinical assessment and referral
  • Daily living and convenience services
  • Up to three face-to-face counseling sessions
  • Legal and financial consultations
  • Family referral and caregiving services
  • Funeral concierge services

One-on-One Support

Tulane University understands how challenging it can be to balance your work and personal life, and we are committed to helping you do just that! That's why the university contracts with an outside vendor, New Directions, to provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). New Directions offers solutions for living well at home and at work. Counselors provide confidential support for a variety of concerns, from coping with stress to information and support on financial issues, child care, legal issues, relationships, and other life challenges. Their goal is to help you live a happier, more fulfilling life—today and every day.

For EAP services provided for Graduate Medical Education (GME) residents and fellows, please click this link for more information.

We are here for you, always

These services are available to you and your eligible dependents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge, and are completely confidential. Reach New Directions professionals by telephone at 1-800-624-5544, or visit the website at https://www.ndbh.com/ - Company Code: Tulane.

New Directions EAP Brochure

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EAP Brochure

Website Support

In addition to professional support over the phone, New Directions' interactive website provides you with immediate access to:

  • A private space to work through challenges
  • An online platform that connects users to a licensed therapist via text, video, voice, live video
  • Access to 5,000 + licensed therapist from a computer, smartphone or tablet device
  • A set amount of counseling services per life topic

Resources Following A Traumatic Event

A traumatic event can be an upsetting event for all employees and is bound to affect everyone to some degree. Although these effects vary from person to person, the fact that you’re feeling the impact of the accident in certain ways is normal. It means that you’re trying to come to terms with this traumatic situation as best you can. It may take some time to recover your sense of equilibrium. 

We invite you to review the following resources and let us know what we can do to help:

After An Event Do's And Don't For Managers
Common Responses After A Traumatic Event Talking To Children After A Traumatic Event
Anxiety About Violence And Strategies For Coping What To Say To Someone Struggling With Their Mental Health











New Directions also provides additional education opportunities for you and your team, delivered by industry experts. Available courses can be found here and include both webinars and on-site learning. TU Wellness must receive and approve all training requests. Please contact tuwellness@tulane.edu for more information.

Click here to access the EAP training catalogue from New Directions.


Have more questions? New Directions has compiled a comprehensive FAQ sheet to help provide all the necessary information. Additional FAQs will be continually added to the bottom of this webpage. Click here to view.