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Temporary Emergency COVID-19 Paid Leave Timekeeping Guidance

April 16, 2020 8:30 AM

Below is additional guidance as to how Temporary Emergency COVID-19 pay should be used in response to your questions. Detailed guidelines to this program are found at the Temporary Emergency COVID-19 Paid Leave page.

  • COVID-19 paid leave may be used by exempt or non-exempt employees.
  • Full-time benefits eligible regular staff are eligible to use up to 80 hours COVID-19 paid leave.
  • Part-time staff are eligible to use up to a pro-rated amount of the 80 hours of COVID-19 paid leave, based upon employee’s full-time-equivalent status.
  • COVID-19 paid leave may be used for: 
    • Self-quarantine, isolation or family care needs related to COVID-19 exposure/illness,
    • Caring for children that are at home due to the K-12 school or daycare closures.  (This is primarily intended for employees that are unable to work remotely although COVID-19 leave may be used to offset the hours remote workers are reasonably unable to work due to childcare issues such as the inability to work a full adjusted schedule.),
    • An employee is unable to work all of the hours in a work day due to a reduced schedule as a result of staggering shifts put in place to maintain social distancing.
    • Other reasonably related COVID-19 circumstances (as determined in Tulane’s discretion).


  • Supervisor provides timekeeper employee Temporary Emergency COVID-19 paid leave hours needed.
  • If the need exceeds the allotted COVID-19 hours: 
    • Employee may use sick.
    • When sick is exhausted employee may use vacation.

We have included FAQs regarding this emergency paid leave program at the Coronavirus HR Resources page.

If you have questions related to this email, please consult with your HR business partner.