Emergency And Limited Closure

Whether we're faced with a hurricane, severe weather, or coordinating around a city-wide event, it always helps to be prepared and know what to do in case of an emergency or limited closure. 

We've established the following response procedures to help our staff and faculty understand expectations and resources available in case of an emergency. In addition to supporting the safety of our community, the following details and instructions help to continue essential business functions, such as ensuring accurate payroll contributions.

Supervisors and timekeepers: Please review the payroll and timekeeping instructions below for details on actions you may need to take in the event of a weather event.

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Payroll and Timekeeping Instructions

It is critical that Supervisors and Timekeepers keep track of essential Non-Exempt employees who are required to work during an emergency closure to ensure they receive their regular rate of pay plus the premium. Please utilize this Timekeepers Essential Employees Tracker to keep track of any non-exempt employees who are required to work and send to payroll@tulane.edu before the end of each payroll period

  • For Non-Exempt employees who are required to work, department timekeepers will designate “Emergency Closure - Worked” under the “Activities” column in Kronos on an essential Non-Exempt employee timesheet.
  • For Non-Exempt employees who do not work, timesheets will automatically be populated for emergency closure hours by default. 
  • No action is necessary for Exempt employees or Student employees.

Supervisors and timekeepers should also be aware of the payroll calendar and any updates that may occur. To view the latest payroll calendar, click here.   

Additional considerations for non-exempt employees:    

  • For employees who do NOT work during an emergency closure, no action is needed.   
  • Remote workers should clock in and out via web punch.  
  • Nonexempt essential employees who work during an emergency closure should clock in and out via Kronos time clock or web punch. 
  • All employees who work during an emergency closure and did not clock in or out should use the Timesheet Change Request or complete a Time Correction Form to document hours worked. 
  • Essential Non-Exempt employees required to work during an emergency closure of the University will be paid their regular rate of pay plus a premium of one and one-half times (1.5X) for all hours worked during the emergency closure.  
  • Essential Non-Exempt employees of the School of Medicine and Tulane Medical group will be paid their regular rate of pay plus a premium of one time (1.0X) for all hours worked during the emergency closure. 
  • Emergency closure pay is not used to calculate overtime pay.
  • Student employees are not eligible for emergency closure pay. 
Emergency & Limited Closures

Emergency Closure

In the event of an emergency, the President or their designee has the sole authority to close the University.

In the event the University closes, due to an emergency, employees released from duty will receive their regular rate of pay for the remainder of their shift. Non-exempt employees required to remain on campus or on-site at a facility to maintain operations will be paid their regular rate plus a premium of one and one-half times (1 ½ X) for all hours worked during an emergency closure.

Designated non-exempt, benefits-eligible staff assigned to the School of Medicine as well as Tulane Medical Group will be paid their regular rate of pay plus a premium of one time (1X) for all hours worked during an emergency closure.

Remote workers are expected to work from the remote work location to the extent it is possible and will not be paid a premium for time worked.

Limited Closure 

On occasion, conditions may restrict access to university properties, such as campus activities, need to shelter in place for a potential storm, flooding, a power outage, icy roads, or city events, resulting in a limited closure and transition to remote operations. Employees who are required to work on-site or remotely during a limited closure event will receive their regular pay. If they are unable to work remotely, employees will receive administrative pay for those hours they are not able to work up to their regular scheduled hours.  In this case, department Timekeepers will designate all hours the employee is unable to work as “Paid Not Worked” in Kronos. No action is necessary for Exempt or Student employees. 

If the circumstances above do not result in a limited closure and the employee is not able to report to work, the employee may use vacation, if available, for hours they are unable to work.

Previously Scheduled Vacation or Sick Leave

If an employee has previously scheduled vacation or sick leave, vacation or sick leave will still be applied. With supervisor approval however, employees may submit a request in the timekeeping system to cancel a previously approved period of vacation or sick leave during an emergency closure if the employee worked and was unable to take the planned vacation or sick leave. 

Emergency Pay For Extended Duration

In the event the university or one or more of its campuses closes for a period in excess of two weeks, it is important that supervisors and employees continue to monitor email for regular updates from the university regarding timekeeping protocols and the use of emergency pay.  

The staff handbook states that employees who are not required to work after the close of the second week of an extended duration closure would be required to use accrued vacation or sick leave (in that order) until the university resumes full-scale operations beginning with the first workday of the third week of closure.  

Please note this may be adjusted at the discretion of the university based on the circumstances of the emergency event.   

Communication Expectations

Each department has an emergency preparedness plan and emergency expectations for employees based on operational needs. Please be sure to review your department’s specific plan and be aware of the ways in which your department expects you to communicate in case of an emergency.  

During an emergency event, it is critical to remain in contact with your supervisor to understand the requirements expected of you during the event. You are responsible for notifying your supervisor of any absences in alignment with your department's emergency plan.

Emergency Prescription Refills

In the event of an emergency, Tulane’s medical health insurance provider will be alerted to relax their “refill-too-soon” policy. Employees in need should be able to get a current prescription fill unless quantities are more limited for safety reasons. 

New Hires and Onboarding

If you have a new employee starting at Tulane that has not yet attended a new hire orientation or is scheduled to attend an upcoming new hire orientation, please be aware of potential updates or postponements to the new hire orientation schedule. The talent acquisition team will reach out to your employee regarding any potential schedule changes or updates.  

Employee Assistance Program

Tulane’s Employee Assistance Program: EAP Counselors provide confidential support for a variety of concerns, from coping with stress to information and support on financial issues, child care, legal issues, relationships, and other life challenges. Reach New Directions professionals by telephone at 1-800-624-5544 or visit the website at www.ndbh.com, company code: Tulane. 

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