Who can attend?

The sessions are open to all Tulane staff and faculty. We identified a targeted audience for each session which will help guide you through the agenda.

Is the event offered at any other locations? 

No. Since this is our inaugural event, we wanted one central location. The LBC supported all our logistical needs. The technical sessions will be avialable via Zoom. 

Transportation is available to the Uptown campus. We encourage you to visit Tulane Shuttles and Transportation for more information. 

Do I have to stay for the full day?

No. Employees have the option to register for one session or multiple sessions. Before you register, please speak with your supervisor to ensure adequate coverage is available in your absence.  

Why do I have to register and can I cancel my registration?

Given space limitations, registration will ensure we are able to accommodate as many employees as possible who would like to attend.

How can I cancel my registration?  

You can cancel your registration at any time by logging back into TULearn

Do I have to choose my sessions under one track?

No. Tracks make it easy for you to pinpoint the sessions most relevant to your needs. You can mix and match across tracks and attend any session you like.

Pay guidance for University sponosored events 

Employees are encouraged to attend this University sponsored event. Employees attending this event should gain supervisor approval prior to registering.

Supervisors, as is the case for any leave request, will make their decision based on their need to operate effectively and efficiency. If approval is granted, time away will be paid. Employees should clock in at the start of the work day and clock out at the end of the work day. 

Please let us know if you have any additional questions so we can update our FAQ's.

Contact the L&OD team.