Official Employee Files

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can I review my official HR file?
Yes, once annually, but the employee must make an appointment to do so by contacting the Records team.

Can my manager review my official HR file?
Yes, after discussing the request with your HR Business Partner and making an appointment to do so with a member of the Records Team.

Can I get copies of the information contained in my official HR file?  
Official employee personnel files are the property of Tulane University and will not be copied for employees or their managers.

I need to have my title, salary, or other confidential information provided to a third party outside of Tulane University. What do I do?
Employees must expressly authorize the Office of Human Resources to release their confidential information. The employee's signature of authorization must appear on an official document, such as a request for verification of employment, loan application, etc. Click here for the Verification of Employment page.

If I want to request an official audit of my sick leave or vacation accrual, what do I have to do?
The employee should first try to resolve the discrepancy with his/her departmental administrator or timekeeper to ensure proper deductions have been recorded. If an actual audit is deemed necessary, the employee should send a written request to Payroll.