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Interview Tips

Make an Impression

Make the most of your time with our recruiters and hiring managers. Use your interview as a time to get to know Tulane and let us know why you would be a great fit for one of our positions.

  • Consider what you want to know about the position and team you are interviewing for and prioritize your questions and comments.
  • Dress in professional business attire for an interview.
  • Be on time. It shows respect for your interviewer's time.
  • Be professional and relaxed.
  • During the interview, take the time to fully understand the question and think it through before answering.
  • Be specific and concise with your answers.
  • Bring copies of your current resume or curriculum vitae (C.V.).

Preparing for the Interview

Set the groundwork for success. Come prepared with a list of questions about the position and Tulane. This is your chance to really show your interest. Here are a few examples:

  • What exactly would I do in a position like this? 
  • What role does this type of position play in the mission of Tulane University?
  • What is an average day like for this type of job?
  • What are the growth opportunities in this type of position?
  • What is the management structure like in this group?
  • What advanced training and development opportunities are available in this role?


Develop your answers to all the job specific and interpersonal skills questions that may arise; then practice answering them out loud in a natural manner. Integrate specific examples of your skills in your answers. Below are categories of questions to practice with:

  • Problem Solving Skills. How have you tackled difficult problems in the past.
  • Results Orientation. How have you demonstrated setting challenging goals and successfully executed a plan towards the goal in past projects.
  • Customer Service. Think of a time when you were able to anticipate and meet the needs of both internal and external customers. 
  • Continual Learning. Can you assess and recognize your own strengths and weaknesses? Do you pursue self development?
  • Team Skills and Leadership. Think of a time that you demonstrated good teamwork and leadership skills. Discuss how you've demonstrated these abilities in other settings.
  • Communications Skills. Can you clearly articulate your ideas and communicate effectively in a variety of situations? 
  • Collaboration. How well do you work with others across boundaries to build relationships in achieving shared goals?
  • Adaptability to Change. How have you shown adaptability to changing environments?

After the Interview

Send or email a thank you note. Expressing your interest in the position and appreciation to the search committee for their time is always a good gesture.