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Hiring Managers FAQs


How do I know if my student worker is a new hire or a rehire?

Hiring managers will need to log in HCM Student Manager Self Service, select "Create Student Placement" and search for the student by last name or TUID. If the student does not populate the student is not an active student worker and is considered a new hire.

At what point can my student worker start working?

Hourly students may not start working until they've receive an HCM and a Kronos notification. Students on a stipend may not start working until they've received an HCM notification.

What should I do if my student's TUID is not populating in the New Hire packet form?

Hiring managers should reach out to Student Employment and inform them of the issue. Students that don't populate may not be active in the Banner system.

I'm hiring a student on a Service and a Non-Service required Stipend, can I submit both on the same transaction?

Hiring managers should create two separate placements for each stipend. If the student is a new hire, hiring managers should select the service stipend "Payment Type" in order to initiate the correct new hire packet.

What actions should I take if I want to hire an non-service required stipend student into a service stipend?

No I-9 was collected when the student was initially hired. The system will automatically flag the transaction because there is no I-9. Hiring managers must instruct their student to complete an I-9 before their placement is processed.

Do I need to terminate a student assignment, if a student is no longer working for me?

Yes! Hiring managers should perform a monthly clean-up of their student workers and terminate all inactive students.

How do I hire a non-Tulane student working through an affiliate program?

All non-Tulane students working through an affiliated program will need to be hired through a manual process. For more information, please reach out to Student Employment.

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