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TU Wellness Annual Health Incentive

Tulane University wants to reward you for taking care of your health—Don't miss out! The TU Wellness Annual Health Incentive is brought you you by Rally Rewards—a free incentive program that encourages simple steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Eligible employees can earn up to $500 or $1000 in HSA deposits, HRA deposits, or gift cards, depending on your plan and coverage tier. 

How does it work? Inside your Rally account, there is a Rewards dashboard with a list of activities. Each activity has an associated reward. Complete your activities between January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021, to earn the rewards. Activities include: 

  • Complete Your Health Survey ($200 incentive value) 
  • Get An Annual Wellness Exam ($200 incentive value)—Need a primary care provider? Call the Tulane Living Well Clinic to schedule your free exam 
  • Complete Additional Missions and Challenges ($50-100 incentive value) 

For more information on earning 2021 wellness rewards, review the flyer below.

Rally Rewards Flyer

Register at Rally and complete the health survey to find your Rally age. Based on your responses, employees will get personalized recommendations to improve their health.

Find Your Rally Age

Rally Mission - How do I earn Rally points? Employees are able to gain points by completing simple health activities daily. Learn more about these missions and how to get points by reading the flyer below.

Rally Missions

Rally can be downloaded on mobile devices to get real-time information and status check on missions and activities.

Rally Mobile

Employees can get rewarded by participating and completing challenges. Some challenges include walking, swimming, and biking. Employees can join challenges as a registered member.

Rally Challenges


Contact Rally customer service at 1-877-726-1032 or contact the Tulane Wellness Team at tuwellness@tulane.edu