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Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is the open acknowledgment and expressed appreciation for the contribution an employee makes to their organization, team, co-workers, or clients. Recognition can range from a thank you email to a shout-out at the all-staff meeting to an award. Employee Recognition is a great way to allow for growth opportunities by offering employee development and cross-training. It also helps build a Culture of Appreciation.

    Three Tiers of Recognition:

    • Day-to-Day Recognition: This form of recognition is free and can be given to anyone, by anyone, at any time. Praise is an example of this form of recognition.
    • Informal Recognition: This form of recognition can take various forms and it has few restrictions. It often includes a low-cost, tangible gesture of congratulations or appreciation.
    • Formal Recognition: This form of recognition includes awards for achievement and service as well as celebratory events where all contributing employees can participate and receive recognition. The University-wide awards listed below are an example of formal recognition.


    Tulane has dedicated awards to recognize employees. These awards are to show appreciation for employees who have displayed the eligibility and criteria for the specified award.

    President's Staff Excellence Award

    The President's Staff Excellence Award is bestowed every year on the top university employees who best represent high achievement in their contributions to the university. Award recipients receive a one-time cash award. Use the links below for award eligibility, criteria, to access the nomination form, and to view a list of current and past recipients.

    President's Departmental/Team Excellence Award

    The President's Departmental/Team Excellence Award was established to recognize departments, teams, or groups of employees whose achievements advance or support the university's initiatives to transform the Tulane experience. Recipients will receive a one-time cash award. Use the links below for award eligibility, criteria, and to access the nomination form.

    President's EDI Excellence Award

    The President’s EDI Excellence Award was established to recognize employees who are leading the way to making Tulane a more inclusive, diverse, and welcoming community. Recipients will receive a one-time cash award. Use the link below to learn more about award eligibility, criteria, and the selection process.

    Yvette Milner Jones Award

    In recognition of Yvette M. Jones' longstanding leadership, dedication, and tireless service to the advancement of Tulane University, the Tulane University Board established the Yvette Milner Jones Award. This award will be bestowed upon an outstanding Tulane University staff member or administrator for his or her superior achievement, dedicated service, and involvement in the affairs of the Tulane University community. Use the link below for award eligibility, criteria, and selection process.

    The Spirit of Tulane Award

    This award was established by President Fitts in 2017 to recognize those employees who best exemplify the Spirit of Tulane. Nominations for this award are accepted on a continuous basis. Recipients are notified by the Office of the President and are invited as honored guests to attend the annual unified recognition event held each spring. Use the links below for award eligibility, criteria, and selection process.

    Tulane Staff Legacy Award

    This honor is bestowed on those staff employees who voluntarily leave the university in good standing after 25 years of continuous, full-time staff employment at Tulane.  Those whose service has been awarded legacy status may maintain an active Tulane email account, participate in the extended tuition waiver program,* maintain library privileges, have access to Tulane dining facilities, access the Reily Center at employee rates, receive discounted tickets for athletic events and the bookstore and have access to lectures, concerts and theater performances on campus that are open to the university community. Use the links below for award eligibility, criteria, and to access the nomination form.

    *Extended tuition waiver benefit is available to all staff employees who meet eligibility requirements as outlined in the staff handbook regardless of Legacy Award status.

    Staff Recognition Social

    We have been a year behind in acknowledging significant milestone anniversaries, and this year, we are making an effort to catch up and ensure timely recognition. To ensure prompt recognition in the future, this year we will be recognizing employees from 2022 and 2023. We will host two Staff Recognition Socials, one on December 12, 2023 (for ten-year milestones and above) and one on January 11, 2024 (for five-year milestones) to honor their service. A formal invitation with more details will be sent out soon. Over 500 staff employees will be recognized for their excellent service, dedication, and contributions to the university.

    Please see below to see who will be honored during this year's events.

    Tulane University encourages employee recognition throughout our organization. Learning & Organizational Development provides the tools and information to support these endeavors. Click here to get more insight into best practices and examples of day-to-day and informal recognition. 

    For questions please contact the Learning & Organizational Development team at lodhr@tulane.edu.