Separating from the University

(Applicable to both voluntary and involuntary terminations).

A termination is considered voluntary when an employee leaves the University by free choice.  A termination is considered involuntary when the University initiates the separation.  

This page offers separated employees information related to benefits, vacation leave, W2s, parking, and more.

Medical, Dental, Vision Coverage and Flexible Spending Accounts

Medical, Dental, and Vision, and Flexible Spending Account benefits will remain active until the last day of the month for the month in which the employee was terminated.  If you are currently enrolled in any of the above referenced plans, you will have the option to continue benefits under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) for 18 months with the exception of the Healthcare Flexible Spending Account, which can be continued through the end of the current calendar year.   Note that there is no tax benefit to continuing participating in the Healthcare Flexible Spending Account.

You will receive a notice stating your right to choose to continue benefits provided by the plan from Tulane’s COBRA administrator, Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Blue Cross Blue Shield can be reached at 1-866-924-6937 or  You have 60 days to accept coverage or lose all rights to benefits continuation. Once COBRA coverage is chosen, you are required to pay for 102 percent of the cost of coverage.  

A certificate of group health coverage will be provided by the University’s healthcare provider if you were enrolled one of the University’s medical plans. You may need this certificate for your new group or individual plan to provide evidence of your prior coverage.

Separated employees may request to speak to a Benefits Specialist by calling Human Resources at 504-865-4748 (HR4U) or emailing

Life Insurance

You may elect to continue the Life Insurance you have had with the University.   If you wish to convert or port coverage, you must apply within 31 days of the date your group coverage ends by calling The Standard at (800) 378-4668.  Only employees that separate under age 60 can convert their policy. Life insurance ends on the last day of the month that the employee separates, for employees age 60 and over.

Retirement Plans

If the separated employee has a Retirement Account with TIAA-CREF or Fidelity Investments, he/she is not required to make an immediate withdrawal.  He/she has the option of withdrawing funds, rolling them to another qualified plan, or leaving them within one of the Tulane Plans.  There are no forms to be completed in Human Resources.  The separated employee may contact the retirement vendor/company directly and set up how and when to begin any withdrawals from the plans.

TIAA-CREF may be reached at (800) 842-2776 and Fidelity Investments may be reached at (800) 343-0860.

Tuition Waiver

If a separated employee is involuntarily terminated and he/she is enrolled in tuition waiver, the waiver will be maintained through the end of the semester in which he or she is enrolled.  However, if the separating employee voluntary terminates employment at any time during the semester, the separating employee will be charged for the full tuition amount for that semester.


Separated employees, who have at least six (6) consecutive months of service, will receive payment for accrued but unused vacation leave.

Eligible vacation leave will be paid out in the last paycheck.  Sick Leave is not eligible to be paid out upon separation.

Final Paycheck

Separated employees will receive their final paycheck on the scheduled pay date following termination.  The Payroll schedule can be found here:

Separated employees may obtain their paystubs by contacting


Your W-2 is available online through our vendor, ADP. If you do not register to receive these forms electronically, they will be mailed to you. In addition, lost or replacement forms dating back to 2010 may be easily accessed through ADP's secure website.

For reprints of W-2 forms prior to 2010, please contact the Office of Human Resources Payroll department at or (504) 865-5346.

To start the registration process go to and click "Register Now" to begin.  Required information may be found at

Employment Verification & Change of Address

If a separated employee wishes to obtain proof of prior employment or supply this verification to a third party, they must contact the HR Records at 504-865-4748.

Only dates of employment, job title, and salary information will be provided with a signed release from the former employee.

Separated employees that would like to update their home address (change of address) must also contact the HR Records team at 504-865-4748.


Separated employees should contact Parking Services directly to cancel and return a parking permit.  Payroll will then be notified to cancel deductions appropriately. 

Parking Services can be reached at 504-865-5381.

University Email

The employee’s University email will remain active for 30 days following termination.


  • If separated employee is a Tulane student, his/her email will remain active through course enrollment.
  • If the separated employee parts involuntarily, or maintaining University email poses a conflict, email may be canceled immediately upon termination.
Reily Center

Separated employees who have the Reily Center membership fee payroll deducted should contact the Reily Center Membership Services to coordinate an alternate payment option (504-865-5431).

Information regarding membership fees can be found at:

Concur Expenses

Separating employees should submit outstanding Concur expenses prior to their last day of work.

If a separated employee has outstanding Concur expenses after termination, a Delegate (usually a supervisor or department administrator) may complete the request on the employee’s behalf.  The reimbursement will go through the proper approval process and then be paid out to the employee.  Additional information may be found at

Exit Survey

Upon separation from the University,  you will receive via email a short exit survey. We kindly ask that you take a few minutes to reflect on your experiences while employed at Tulane. We value your input and would like to learn from your experiences.  This questionnaire is confidential.  Individual responses will not be reported – just aggregate statistics of the information found.  

If you wish to speak to someone in person, please contact us at

Tulane University Office of Human Resources
1555 Poydras St., Suite 964, New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: 504-865-4748 / Fax: 504-865-6727

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